Conversion to electric lawn mower

I own 2 EVs and really like the lack of maintenance. I am a mechanic by trade and now find myself not wanting to work on anything at home. I have an exmark 48" hydro walkbehind that I am toying with the idea of converting to electric. I can do basic electrical work but when it comes to putting together my first electric project I am pretty lost. I don’t know if a project like this can be done under $1000 but that’s probably about my limit. The mower currently has a 15hp kohler on it and it takes me 20-35 min to mow. Is it possible to get a comparable electric motor, controller, contactor, and battery to get this mower to perform similarly in my budget or should I move on to something else? If so, some pointers would be great.

Move on. 15 hp is a bunch. Even with LIPO it’s probably not a viable project. Certainly not with a $1000 budget.

Well that’s disappointing but thanks for the honesty.

hydro was lots of power. get a propane conversion burns Way Cleaner, engine lasts longer, less oil canges