First project to learn from

Hi all, I’m looking at tackling a smaller job before I jump in head first. I’ve got a push mower that doesn’t want to start this summer so I thought it a prime candidate to get acquainted with this new technology, new to me that is.

I’ve worked with industrial AC & DC drives of various sorts since the early 80’s so I’m quite familiar with the basics of both. However, they are all powered by utility AC power versus battery packs. I’ve got a small DC drive but I’d have to drag around a cord and I’d just as soon skip that. Can’t do it with a vehicle anyway!

I’ve been reading here for a couple of days but just haven’t managed to put together an entire system in my head. It sure would be nice if there were an EV primer somewhere on the board!

Anyway, if any of you don’t mind sharing what you know I’d appreciate it. The mower is a 20" mulching mower with a B&S motor and isn’t self propelled.

I know I need a motor, batteries (I have a lot of 6V 4AH batteries for emergency lights), some sort of gizmo to connect the blade to the motor shaft, some sort of speed control apparatus (speed pot?) but what else???

What size motor? How many AH? I’m completely ignorant on most of the required electronics and sizing requirements!

Thanks in advance.

PS I’m very excited about learning all this and cleaning up my city air a bit!

Although I can’t point you to any plans, I can tell you that there is
probably a better starting point than an ICE lawnmower. AC electric
lawnmowers have been around for decades, and I’ll bet you can find a
good used one for under $100. That elminates the problems of finding a
motor, mounting it to the deck, and fitting a blade to it (which I would
consider to be all serious safety issues).

As it turns out, Black and Decker makes a cordless electric lawnmower,
and they do it by basically starting with the corded chassis. So, anyway,
from there you just have the fun part, which is getting the batteries
hooked up through a controller of some sort.

All the electric lawnmowers I’ve seen run at a set speed, and simply quote
their run times in minutes. So, you just turn it on and off.

Hope that helps.