Riding lawn mower

has anyone converted a riding lawn mower? i would guess same setup as a car?

converting a rideon is pretty easy, if you just want it for riding around or hauling stuff… i have converted 2 for riding and hauling and one which i’m still looking for the right motor to use for cutting… here is a link to my tractors…
or you could google [B]electric tractor[/B] and my stuff will pop up…:slight_smile:

I would guess it is easyest to run the mower off the motor instead of putting motors on each blade.

what size motor would be best to replace an 18hp gas engine? should i stay at 12 volt since I need that for eclectric clutch to drive mower?


I’ve got an old sears riding lawn mower that I’ve been thinking of converting. It’s got a 14hp gasser on it and I’m looking for something with similar power to replace it. I’m thinking I’ll use the existing gearbox and belt system for the drive and blades so it should be just a matter of out with the gaser and in with the electric. One thing I’m wondering is what kind of RPMs I should be looking to spin at. I don’t plan on having a throttle just a FVNR load rated contactor and a switch. I never run the existing at anything but flat out so I can’t see the need for a throttle, if I need to go slower I use the 6 speed gearbox.

Any help on finding a motor?

[B]Try mounting the motor in the stock location and keep the stock pulley and belt setup to drive the blades and wheels…

Make a small tray out back to hold extra batteries…

Thats what I would try.[/B]