Opinions on West Marine dual purpose batteries

I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a balance between the highly priced deep cycle batteries (like the Trojan T-105 and Optima D31) and something a bit more economical that won’t leave me dead on the side of the road 2 miles from home.

After reading Optima’s description of their yellow top batteries, I did a search for dual purpose deep cycle batteries and got a return for west marine:


These batteries appear to have very similar Ah and reserve ratings for nearly half the cost of the Optima’s. The warranty on the batteries would replace them if they failed in the first year so I’m giving consideration to buying a set of these for my 1971 VW Squareback EV conversion project.

I’d like any input on the pros and cons of this type of battery, and any other advice is appreciated as well. Thanks!:slight_smile:

they do look quite interesting!

What exactly is “dual-purpose” anyone know?

iirc it refers to good burst power of starting ice’s and deep cycle abilities.