How much brand name do we pay for when buying ... OPTIMA batteries

Are OPTIMA/and similar batteries THAT much better than your other standard deep cycle marine 105 AH HR batteries at Checker for 95$ ?

What does the Optima battery cost $200 where as the equivalent of that battery would cost $95 for a no name/semi-name…

I dont know if ANY of that made sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess my question is this:

There’s a battery, that i forgot the name of, at Checker Auto that runs about $95. It’s a 12v and it’s got a 105AH rating (hourage not specified).

THEN there’s another battery sitting right beside it with a huge $194 price tag, and it doesn’t even tell you what the AH is. My guess is it’s 75 ~ 100 though.

[B]Whats the difference is my question?[/B]
Is the 2nd one just marked up 'cause it’s got a brand name and LOOKS like Optima?
Why can’t/shouldnt I use the no name?

No one knows i guess?

Point proven?

They’re the same battery, with a different label (and a lower price).(?)

^^ That should start some controversy…

Hey Patzke,

How goes the project? Still planning or have you commited to anything yet? Send me a link if you have a site for the conversion. I haven’t even been on the boards much recently working on my project. I started a blog (should be in my sig below) to keep track of everything.

Anyways, I would guess there could be differences in the batteries. Thickness of plates is a factor on being able to sustain the harsh conditions of EV use. As far as weight goes and overall efficiencies there is VERY little difference here. So two batteries might take you the same difference in my opinion but one brand might do it 100 cycles were a good name would get you 300-400?

I plan on going the cheap route first (if I still go with lead, I’m debating the lithium route) so I’ll keep you posted on anything I find.