What do you all think of these?

Hi all,
I Just wanted to bring these to your attention, they are on my shortlist for batteries for my upcoming project, but seem ideal.

Lead acid Batts. with carbon fibre plate technology, 20% lighter than standard, seem almost impossible to damage, 5 year warranty, and 1000 cycles at 80% DOD minimum!, I make that a guaranteed service life of over 50,000 miles in my case!! (4 cycles per week at 50 miles per charge x 52 weeks x 5 years = 52K)

I spoke to the company and they will even give me a 15% discount for buying 12 or more at once, so am I missing something, or are these really as good as they seem? I’d appreciate feedback, as I don’t want to buy the wrong batteries :smiley:

30/04/08 Update, these batteries are no good, several UK users report early failure in EV use and they won’t pay out on warranty, I’ve decided I’m gonna use 8v Trojan T890’s! (cost 2x as much in UK though :frowning: )

I don’t know anything about these batteries. Interesting though - gives me something to read up on. They are 25% lighter than the batteries I’m using now for the same AH.

Are you aware of the batteries that Firefly is going to start producing this summer?

Breifly read up on the firefly batts, I’ll have to look some more, depends if they will be available in the UK also

The firefly batteries aren’t going to be sold to the consumer for at least 2 years according to their website. Unless you’re a trucking company I don’t think you’ll get much tracking from them.