Ng1 broke down on me

Hey guys I need to replace my zivan ng1 charger any suggestions? I would like it to be an easy change

My suggestion would be to have the Zivan repaired or replaced with new. These are tough units. However Electric Conversion has a reputation of being sloooooow.

My first choice for a new charger is Quick Charge. These are older technology that seems to be bullet proof. These are also sold by the Ride for Fun people at about a $200 premium.

Third choice is DeltaQ. This is the current OEM choice on new carts. Be SURE to get a model compatible with your cart and programmed to your battery pack.

There are minor but significant safety interlock wiring differences between the Zivan and the others. Make SURE you are fully versed before you buy.

INWO can help.


Naetdogg is looking to replace his working Zivan, I think.
I hope to have chargers in the next few weeks.
Can’t say what they will be compatible with.
I do have a DQ that can work with any interlock system,

Well I definitely need a charger if Nate dogg is selling one I’d be happy to buy if it works. Or does the quick charge work on an 02 e825 e4?!

What type batteries do you have?
How many wires connect to your Charger?
Just the plus and minus heavy leads and two more?
I have an extra delta-q for $250.

In two weeks I will have new Chargery fast chargers.
Work with any chemistry and voltage 10v to 102v 25a 1500w
120/240 input.
I will build in custom Gem interlock if needed.
The are not sealed. Use a fan. Can’t get wet.
Yet you need access to lcd screen for operation.

I think just 4 wires and how about a D.C. To D.C. Converter?!

The two small wires are the interlock to prevent driving when charging.
If not important they can be jumpered. Else the new charger needs to be compatible.
Is converter bad too?
That’s tricky, as it does more than dc-dc.

What are the symptoms of charger and converter?

I suppose everything else work for the dc-dc but the lights horn and turn signals because I can drive it. I don’t need the interlock to work then if all it does is prevent driving while charging.

If you aren’t worried about the interlock. any charger should work. I only have an extra DQ as of now.
Could try to repair Zivan.

This car was sitting in a garage for about 4 years and mice nested right above it. Gummed it up real bad so I cleaned it up real good and the main black wire comin in from the top must have a short that I’ll have to figure out how to repair. Anyway after cleaning it worked for a while and not properly I believe.

How much for the DQ and would you suggest that one as a good replacement

Your welcome to return it for the cost of shipping.
What batteries shout I set it to?
Agm, Gel, Wet?

The flanges always get bent shipping. :slight_smile:

Whatever you come up with, I would like a dead Zivan.
Never had my hands on one. Ideally an upgraded one, to see if I can hack it.

I do believe that it is an upgraded one because it has the gel option on it. I have gel batteries in my car. How do we exchange info?

Is this a plug and play kind of deal or am I going to have some wiring issues

The only difference in chargers is the interlock type.
If you don’t need the interlock, any charger works. Two wires red and black connect to battery as they do now. Under the dash.
Fitment I don’t know. Rodney should know where there is room.

Do you have time to get the zivan in the mail?

Do you know how to get by the charger interlock?
Thank you, Dale

Depends on the model gem.