Help Finding / Changing 72V Delta Q Charger

Hello electric community, I have a 2000, 2 passenger, E825 that needs a new onboard 72V charger. I was still running the OEM unit until this year when I fried it. Now, I am looking to find the right unit to replace my dead OEM charger. I am going to run Trojan 30XHS Batteries when the new charger is installed.

My questions are:

  1. Where is a good place to find a charger? I’ve looked on eBay but haven’t had great success with communication with sellers. I don’t know exactly what I need so I need the sellers to steer me in right direction. They haven’t been great. The dealers local to me say they are all backordered. I’m not opposed to used, I just want the right one for my setup.

  2. Any videos / tutorials / tips / tricks / to doing this install? I’m going to attempt to do this myself so any help with install is also very appreciated.

Thank you all for the help with this project, it’s turning into a money pit but at this point I’m all in…

What charger was it? I might know where there is a Zivan.


I don’t think it was the Zivan version. I believe I have the other version. Mine looks like a big computer processor part with aluminum channeled housing.

Ah- It sounds like you had a Schott!

Yes the schotty Schott charger is schott!
In fact, it’s so shotty, it should be considered total and utter shyott.

I think that a couple wires need to be cut, like 2 or 3, maybe a splice before newer chargers will work. Not terribly complicated.

Converting to a Zivan NG1 is probably the easiest one to do, since it fits in/on the “firewall” right in the middle where the Schott was, and it has room to spare around it.

A delta Q, might fit in there… I say might because with these carts, the pieces were fabricated by hand than put together by hand;. The DQ is pretty big. I test fitted one on my old 02 and I had to rub it down with butter before I could slide it in,

Btw, I have a zivan if you are interested.

Here’s what a DQ charger looks like crammed into the dash on my previous 02 e825.

“Cooling, to god-damned hell with cooling! We have no ,cooling. In fact, we don’t need cooling. I don’t have to show you any stinking cooling, you god-damned cabron and ching’ tu madre!”

Bet that got toasty under there wedged in and no active fans for the compartment.

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you get a badge for THAT.

Thank you so much for all your help guys… .I am going to pickup a refurbished Zivan NG1 this evening, it is pure luck that there is one within driving distance.

I do have a few questions :

  1. Is there any online tutorial on doing this swap? I will be going from the Schott to the Zivan.

  2. Is there any extra hardware / components that I need to make this swap, or is it a direct bolt-on replacement? Will my dash charging lights still work?

  3. With the Zivan, I understand that it has the ability to change between flooded and AGM by flipping a switch, is that correct? If so, do you guys see any issue with me trying to charge the marine batteries I was successfully using before the Schott died? After the marine batteries are done I am going to upgrade to the Trojans if a simple flip of the switch will convert.

I am so close to getting my cart back on the road!

It’s almost. But not quite a drop in. Some connectors are different, and iirc the schott has an extra wire or two that aren’t needed on the zivan. Search on here, someone posted notes/ directions on the swap within the last year

The tri-color pod led will work but I think it has a different plug on the schott. The zivan it is fed through 3 of the 5 pins on a DIN plug.

The batteries your new zivan can charge will be listed on a sticker on the front. Not all zivans have the same programming. There is a micro dial on top under a cover-up sticker. Set the micro dial to the desired profile from the sticker. If the charger has been upgraded, there will be two Trojan settings. When you switch to Trojan flooded. Take the more aggressive one. If you have AGM batteries now and there is no AGM profile on the sticker, set it to the less aggressive Trojan flooded setting.

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Thank you for the information. I have successfully installed my Zivan! When I first plugged it in, the red light was flashing and there was an audible beep. I went to the Zivan error code list but didn’t see anything about red and flashing. Do you happen to know what that could be? The batteries in the cart are Group B, but haven’t been charged in about 6 months so there is a chance that they are shot.

I am so damn close lol…

Do you have a meter?
What do your batteries show you?
If they are below the lower threshold the charger will not kick in. You will need to boost each battery with a car charger. Get each one up to better than 11.7v each and try the zivan again.

Thank you for your suggestions. I ended up borrowing 3 trickle chargers to try and balance my batteries. The batteries never got about 10V so I ended up getting 6 new batteries. That seemed to solve that issue, now I am not to the next issue lol!!