Would like to install new charger in 2000 E825

I have a 2000 E825 that I bought from its original owner. The original owner tinkered with it to boost speed. I am not sure if he did anything to the charger. I currently have a relatively new set of Trojan batteries which are dead. According to the local golf cart repair person, the batteries overcharged and as a result, boiled over. He said the charger was not compatible with the batteries, or maybe he meant the settings were not compatible.
I would like to replace the wet batteries with gel batteries and am concerned about the charger being so old. I am thinking of replacing the charger and then we would know of sure what charger we have and if the settings are compatible with the new batteries.
I am looking for a recommendation on a new charger or any insight into my thought process!
My repair guy is the only one in the area and is super busy now, so I think it is my best interest to do as much research as possible and present it to him since he said he would have to research it and get back to me.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

You probably have a schott charger. Replace with zivan, deltaQ or ride for fun (quick charger). All should be programmable with a profile to match your type batteries. Give the distributor a call to verify profiles available and you should be able to install with minimal fuss if you order the right profile.
The Trojans may or may not be toast. Use a regular car battery charger to charge them and see what level of charge they hold. If sufficient, use until dead then replace with your choice of battery technology. I would suggest lithium. It’s what I’m getting ready to install but just be aware, it’s not plug and play. I’m hoping to come up with a plug and play setup for a reasonable price when I’m done but I’m still doing the required r and d.
I believe the mentioned chargers will also support lithium though the ride for fun one won’t be able to fully charge a 96+ volt battery pack to capacity.