What charger would be best for replacement of my old 10A 72v

What would be the best replacement for this charger ??

So the Schott is shot? (see what I did there?) (sorry)

You have an opportunity here to get a better charger and change your battery system. If that’s something of interest to you and you’re a bit of DIY guy.

The Schott chargers are flooded lead acid batteries only IIRC. If you are going to stick with lead/agm/gel - SCO quickcharge might be the simplest. It’s an old school 20lb wound transformer with some electronics. Not bright, but tough as nails and it will fit under the dash. I have one in my 2002. I have no complaints about the charger… the FLAs, not so much…

If you want to take the opportunity to ditch lead and 350lbs of weight from your cart, run higher voltage, which equals more speed, possibly greater range depending on your battery choice, and don’t mind doing work yourself, talk to Dave (@Inwo) or Mike (@LithiumGods) about a lithium setup and an appropriate charger, likely a DeltaQ, but I couldn’t tell you which model to get - they can. Some aren’t lithium compatible.

My 2010 has lithium and a DQ, I like it way more than the 02. With the DC motor, despite shorter gears (12.44 vs 10.35), the throttle response was way better. Your 2000 w/ lithium and the stock 8.9’s will go like a scaled ape…

Unfortunately I just put 6 new Trojans in so I’m kinda stuck with then till they expire . So the one option is kinda out . I’m in Ontario think quickcharge will ship to me ?

While the lithium is out. Could still go with the DQ charger for the future if you wanted.

The quickcharge for a gem is model SCO7210. It should fit under the dash in the same location. Might have to drill new holes for the bolts though.

There are some extra wires (besides the ignition lockout) connected to the Schott charger that I’m not sure what you are supposed to do with. Someone else just recently posted about switching from a schott charger, maybe they can help with that.

One of the guys on here just bought a lithium setup from me . He has quickcharger and couldn’t use it for lithium so bought a Deltaq . I know he would like to sell his quickcharger

What would he be asking for it ?

I think he said $350 . His name is Bill 269-207-6925

I’m in Ontario where is he located

texas . He said you can call or text him . Very nice guy .

Thank You for the lead on the charger…!
Bill was awesome to deal with money sent and charger being shipped .

The quickcharger is a rugged old school charger . Doesn’t have the sophistication of the DeltaQ or the flexibility but does well with lead batteries . And a nice upgrade from your old charger.