Newer new BMS-24

Change of BMS recommendations. :slight_smile:

Testing a new model 24s BMS this week.
2nd company that needed help debugging. I pity the fool who buys from China.

These are both great products with bugs and not enough documentation.

This one is a little harder to set up because of the need to program parameters thru Android BT system.

The same system that makes it so versatile.

As BT is only needed for initial set-up, obtaining a unit programmed to your specs should make it fairly easy to install.

Minimum connection requires B- and one wire from each cell plugged into JST connectors on main board.
And 2 switch wires. To turn on, and switch display screens.

Comes with LCD screen that I connect to main board using RJ-11 modular plug. That means moving display to dash is as easy as a phone cord.

From that, it can be connected for all the control you want.
Charge and discharge protection, warning led, buzzer, and charger control.

Speedometer display, soc, cell voltages, ah calc.,amps, volts.
With the bluetooth app, watch all parameters from the house.

Dave you like this unit more then the other BMS?

No, it is much more complex.
Not packaged as well.

When thru testing, I’ll get it to you. Let you decide.

Very steep leaning curve on this one. I have never used new technology, such as Android device.

Company does not communicate as well as Chargery engineer.
Some display still in Chinese.

+$100 cost so far.

Yet some things are nice.

Remote lcd display with speedometer and charge discharge current shown.
Blinky leds on main board to show balancing. Also shows which cells are balancing on LCD.
Longer nicer balance leads. Same JST type.
Bluetooth of course, to monitor remotely.

I have a feeling that you will prefer this one until the remote display is developed for your blue one.

My thought is to make adaptor pcb. Three cat 5 plugs on each end would make it very versatile.

First look. Remote lcd display for bms-24.
I could make more Plexiglas glove box doors for only a gazillion dollars. :slight_smile:


That looks like a very economical fix for the BMS display keeps it out of the elements and still allows you to see it all time

I want one .whats it going to cost ?

Sent a spare to Troy with his bms. See what he thinks of it.
Made the form from pvc, so it won’t do too many. Need a metal pipe with a light bulb inside for heat.
If I get ambitious I’ll bend a few more.

Had to use the bluetooth bms in my truck. The BMS-24’s high balance rate blows my 2016 Volt battery fuses.:frowning:
Hard to get a picture. Too bright. Taped inside my clear glove box cover.

This one has everything Grant is asking for. If it works out I may be taking returns. :slight_smile:
This is $100 more money though.
Shown is one of the android screens.
Gps speed.

Easy if you read Chinese!
Does all Li-Ion voltages. Even down to LTO 1.5 volts.

Two more of these coming in. For techies only.
4 wire serial lcd display. Display can be powered by switched power.
Built in shunt and charger switch.
150a or 300a output models.
I don’t use switched output myself. Might have to though, to read run amps. I suppose switch could be disabled…

Sent you a blank if it survives the trip.

Hi…i am a new user here. In my case Bms counts cells when first connected. Then goes to work with default settings.
Single transistor interface to DQ charger from Travis. (white wire)
Inhibits charger when a cell reaches setpoint. Shunt balances at 1.2 amp peak. Repeats.

assembly circuit

Are you informing or asking? :confused: