24s monitor/bms

After a month long wait factory has finally released pictures and product.
Hope to have a couple in my hands soon.
If enough interest, may make a large (for me) order.
May be available later from discount importers. Don’t know.

1.2A per cell balance current is very useful for large capacity battery pack.
That’s huge. Nothing else like this for less than $1k
Except maybe a Bluetooth model that I also have on order.


On my bench…

Have two of the blue one on left.
I could be talked out of one.
Can’t give these away. To spendy and fragile.

Need all the help I can get on these. Chinese instructions are iffy at best.

Mike: Todd, Rodney, and Ralph need lithium kits.
Can you help em out?

The saga begins:
Step 1-Build wall wart to power on bench with 20vdc supply.
Problem 1-Won’t go into program mode.

Nice interest if work fine and price :thumb:

Looking up.
Needs at least 1s to work.
Plug and play as far as monitor function.
I connected 1 cell. It recognized it and displayed soc. :smiley:

So far so good.
Ready for final testing of harness before powering up on car.
Nice long leads will reach both 12 packs. One one each extreme side of car.

Plugged it in to volt bms harness.
All set to default.
Looks like it’s balancing. Better check program to see what its doing.

It was balancing at 3.6. My lowest was about 3.75.

A simple change to 3.75 and I’ll let it run.

Getting warm.:pop2:
Wait and see…

I have wasted so much time and money researching, building, buying, and testings.:eek:

Let me save everyone the trouble. This is the best thing since sliced bread!

Anyone with lithium needs this. It does it all. Even using minimum plug and play monitor function, well worth twice the money.
And it will balance pack automatically.

Comes with harnesses, shunt, temp. sensors, warning buzzer, switches (???).
Reads soc, current, voltage. Can control charger and traction motor independently.

Automatically reads the cell count when connected. 1-24s.
Li-Po and Li-Fe

101 volts like mine…

Garage is full of smoke, that can’t be good! :mad2:

Factory very helpful.
We found the bug, and updated sw has been sent to me.
Very responsive company.

Testing more later this week.

Need questions answered about some functions.
Left it on all night. This morning all 24 cells were within 12mv.
Yet it didn’t get warm.
Sent Grant a sample to play with.
Plan on getting 10 or so if anyone wants in early.
Next batch will do LiPo, LiFe, or LTO.

See what Grant thinks next week. For me, it’s worth the money for 24s monitor only.
SOC, amps in/out, watts in/out, alarm H/L settings, charger control, traction motor control, 2 X bat temp, led alert, buzzer alarm. All this and auto balance. Connect only what you need.

Comes with shunt and all accessories.
Standard harness, move from car to car if you want.
I will make it available, plug and play, for 24s Volt pack.

Charged one cell to 300mv over the rest.
Turned on BMS-24
That cell was discharging 1-1.2 amps.
Updated sw keeps cool by cycling on and off with heat-sink temperature.

About ready to place an order, price is more than samples were.
Won’t replace bad one unless I send it back. Pretty harsh policy!

Oh, well. They are very repairable. I’ll just have to do my own warranty work.

This is promising to be the much needed drop-in lithium kit.

It will display all needed information in real time. Control a stock charger of any type. No need to reprogram charger, if it is high enough finish voltage.
Balance cells while you watch or overnight.

I can work with Grant or Mike to make it plug into a Leaf pack of any cell count. Smart enough to count them when plugged in.

Can also make a plug for Volt packs.

Does all Chem. even LTO 1-24s.

Step 1: set batteries in Gem.
Step 2: connect B+ and B-
Step 3: plug in BMS-24 to battery pack harness and turn switch on.
Step 4: watch display count cells
Step 5: accept cell count with button press
Step 6 see each cell voltage displayed, high and low cells highlighted, and any high one draining.

Only other thing is “charger control”. To be developed.
May be as simple as a solid state relay plugged into a socket on BMS-24
See sockets on side.

On to the next step.
A simple one wire interface to standard DQ lithium charger has been developed.

The white wire, temperature sensing lead, is used as “charger enable” in our chargers with lithium profiles.

This white wire is plugged into the interface using the same QC terminal as stock.
The interface is plugged into the BMS-24.
Red is the simple interface. Under shrink tube.
Green is the white wire from DQ charger,
Blue is supplied wire that plugs into BMS-24.

I will supply this to the first members using BMS-24 and Lithium DQ.

This is so easy to use that I hope to convert some of the anti BMS crowd.

I was the first conversion from that mindset.:smiley:

By simply plugging this into battery and charger it will inhibit charger 10 sec after a cell reaches set point. ie. 3.9 to 4.35 volts.

It will then bring cells to balance and start charger again if needed.

Here is my unit mounted under seat for testing in my Gem car 24s.
Blue circle in shrink wrap is charger interface.
From Green plug.
To white wire “charger control”. Red circle.

Notice 70mv balance dif…
After 2 or 3 days it goes down to 10mv.
50ah Volt battery in this one.

Was thinking about mounting below back seat for viewing between the seats.

like the idea to move display up to dash

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Pictures of a Bluetooth model. Similar functions + remote display LCD.

Wired LCD with standard phone connection to make it simple. :slight_smile: