David's 24 cell Balancer

Here are some early shots of Davids discovery. It’s a 24 Cell Ballancer.

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This thing is cool. It plugs into your Lithium Battery pack. It can do so many different things, I am interested in it as a “State of Charge display”. You can choose how you want the state of charge to show up. It has 3 different styles of showing you how full or empty the battery is. Its very cool/

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Was just now in contact with the designer. He is in design stage of 16s and 24s 1500 watt charger.
Charger will be designed to communicate with BMS-24.
Rather than turning charger off completely with 1 high cell, it will monitor all cells, and run until all are full and balanced.

That will be the last stage in a drop-in lithium system.

Display #1 simple dispay

Display #2 This shows individual cells

display #3 another version of individual cells

Glad to see this. Looks impressive! I personally am a big BMS fan for Lithium systems. Able to monitor/balance individual cells not only adds a layer of protection for your pack but it also maximizes your charge, giving you more range per charge. Look forward to hearing more about this BMS.


[quote=Gwest;33887]display #3 another version of individual cells

Looks like you have your adapter made up and connected.
Neat, how it counts your cells, isn’t it?:slight_smile:

Oh, wait. That’s my 24s???
You have 20s!

Did you make it here yet?

Well with the help of David I we were able to get My BMS-24 hooked up. I had some funky wireing comming off my battery pack to the JST connections that David needed to help me with but we got it hooked up and working This thing is COOL.


Keep an eye on cell 15. Is the case warm to the touch?
You should notice high cell dropping.
1.2 amp maximum rate of discharging the high cell.
After the sw upgrade actual average amps are lower, as it’s protected from overheating.
Keeping the case cool will speed up balancing.

As soon as Grant sends back the demo, I can get it to someone else.

It shows each one of my cells. It shows each cell that’s High and Low in Red. The balancer uses voltage from the pack to balance or even out the voltage between cells so that the battery charges and discharges evenly.


Watching the progress :grinning: Count me in for a buyer for this and the charger when available. I still have a golf cart and a cushman In addition to the Gem to convert with my Volt battery.

To be 100% clear this is NOT a charger. It’s more of a Tool or Aid that helps preserve your battery and it can add a level of safety in a overcharging situation. It has the ability to shut the charger OFF it it charges any of the cells over the limit you set.

Others have chimed in about the Amp Draw function.
The ability to see how many Amps your right foot can draw when you mash down on the gas pedal can help you ease up on lead foot action. Preserving amp draw extends battery life. [quote=“grantwest, post:1, topic:6523, full:true”]
Here are some early shots of Davids discovery. It’s a 24 Cell Ballancer.


Yes I was mentioning the charger Inwo was stating was in design stage.

For now, best bet is get your DQ programmed for lithium.
It will come back ready to work with the BMS-24.

Up to Grant and carbon fiber glove box now.
Pink tape good enough for me.