Breakthrough BMS/Charge controller balancer for LFP/LiPo

Above is our prototype BMS mounted on a set of ThunderSky LFP 40 AMP hour cells. We can fab this system for other batteries too. (2-3 weeks from CAD to fabrication in the USA). Our system uses just about any battery charger, so you won’t need any exotic/expensive chargers! We’ve tested the boards on everything from inexpensive Harbor Freight chargers to a 25 year old 100AMP forklift battery charger with spectacular results.

System allows Li-ion batteries to be installed in systems designed for Lead-Acid
Why use Li-ion: Li-ion batteries provide 2-3 times the power for the same weight
Problem with Li-ion: Li-ion batteries need individual charge control and balancing
1 Balancer PCB per group of 4 Li-ion batteries
Batteries are grouped in sets of 4 (12V groups)
Mounts on top of 40 Ah to 100 Ah LFP, LMP, or LCP Li-ion batteries
Monitors and records voltages and temperature
years of log data stored in Flash memory
Balances each battery based on relative charge of the system
Provides battery status to system controller
Charge Control (can control most existing Lead-Acid chargers)
Over Voltage and Over Temperature charger shutoff
Low Voltage motor power reduction
Under Voltage and Over Temperature motor shutoff
Computer Interface
Serial or Ethernet
Download log data (each cell Voltage, Current, Temperature, Power Level, etc…)
Configure System Parameters
Provides state of charge information similar to a gas gauge
Can display state of each cell and graphs of Voltage, Current, Temperature, Power, Charge Level, etc…

PLease feel free to send questions to or better yet, here on the forum.

looks interesting :slight_smile: Do you have any pricing information? And, is it possible to connect all BMS’s to a computer to have all the data on-the-fly? I’d like to have everything on one PC without needing lots of small displays for every component

price for a 4 cell BMS?

Yes, data can be displayed in real time for all boards on a PC or Mac. Right now we’re using an rs-232 interface but production boards will have ethernet/html interface for monitoring/logging board performance. I don’t know if it’s OK to post pricing information here, but we havent decided it yet anyway. THe first batch is spoken for (by an as yet unamed electric motorcycle importer) within a couple weeks we’ll fab a large run as the response so far has been spectacular. Stay tuned for the video demo we’re taping it tomorrow (6-28-08)
We have no affiliation with THunderSky other than the fact that we like their batteries!
BTW, If any you are in the San Francisco Bay area, we’d be happy to drop by with our product and show you what it can do.