24s Balance BMS

First 10 should be in next week.

First, ones are $250 delivered in USA.

Nice :slight_smile:
can it also be used in a clubcar with only 16 cell ?

Yes, wait for Grant’s review. He is testing on 20s. Gem/Leaf as we speak.

This thing is soooo smart.

When first connected it will count your cells. 2-24. Then work accordingly.
Li-Po Li-Ion

I am working with the factory designer on these. He is very cooperative.

Working with me on moving display to dash area.

New model bms-24-v2 now available.
Includes remote display kit in its own aluminum enclosure.

Singles $300
5 pcs $275 each


Shipping Monday.
I will sell my personal bms-24 for $200.
Include remote display cable if you want.

First shipment came in today. Everything I hoped it would be.
Pocket sized display easier to place.
Adjustable fuel gauge. Set top and bottom.
Pins 9 + 10 no longer connected internally for safer connections.

$100 credit for your original model. Plug in swap.
Bms + lcd only.

Original model $200
As-new. Velcro back.