8-24s Bluetooth bms thread

A few of these are getting used in the USA now. Mine has been in use a couple years.
Mostly Chinese menus.

It didn’t like a 10,000 amp short circuit so I removed it for repair.
Only 2 shorted mosfets.

This was a good chance to clean up the wiring to lcd.
Trying RJ-45 All 8 wires are used.
4 from the com port
2 for lcd backlight power
2 for switch

Not much else to say. Most RJ45 are wired pin to pin. A little solder and shrink tube makes a plug in display.MVC-012FMVC-011FMVC-013F.

Email me for app.

General harness wiring for Chevy Volt connections.



To test Bluetooth, need only B- and B+ connected. Red wire, last pin, is B+.
Hold button 3 sec to boot.


Optional LCD display.
4 wires connect color to color from bms to display. Rj-45 makes for neat connection. Use two of the 8 wires for 72v battery power to display.


Got a couple hours to mount the bms.


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