Bluetooth to Volt connections

No time to make things look pretty.
Testing harness and bms for Vern.
Ignore the middle 6s Volt module. I’m using the two 12s modules in series to test connections.
This is the harness I offer for Volt batteries.
There are two extra red and two extra blk plugs to parallel more modules.
One set to the pos modules and one set to neg modules. Mis-connecting is like a dead short, but worse.

Small blk jumper is neutral connection for testing. (fuse-able link)



This is ready to ship.
Harnesses as shown
15v Spoof

As I was pushing my daughter up the hill to our house Saturday in our 4 Seater GEM car, all I could think about was this lithium conversion! It didn’t help that I spent too much money on paint and wheels, etc… and my daughter had to say “at least we look cool” as she was steering the cart while I pushed. LOL
Huge props to Dave and the others who helped get me over the hump on this project. My full Volt battery pack should arrive tomorrow and all that’s left is to clear a space in the garage (might be harder than the actual upgrade) and tear into this project.