Use for solar setup

Hello, Been lurking for awhile. I dont have a GEM but I have 3 units of volt batteries split down to 48v for solar setup and 48v golf cart.

I’m trying to find a good bms like the chargery with a harness to the stock connect with JST-XH. Pretty much I will have 8 x 48v packs in parallel. I’m looking for a good solution.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, I can set the harnesses up, and test it with the Chargery.
Each harness can connect 3 Volt in parallel.
A printed board connects up to 3 harnesses.
$50 each= $200 + above bms = $350



So I can purchase it from you? This would come with the harness and bms? 550?

So I can plug it into 3 packs, when balanced, just move down the line. Would it be fine if I plug it only into 2 packs?

Would it work if the harness plugs into all 21 in parallel?

I’m sorry, 21?
You said 8p.
Yes, this connects all 8 parallel 12s 44v Chevy Volt modules.
All need to be the same. Gen1? 2012-2015

sorry about the confusion its 3 complete units. so im using 7 x 48v per pack so 21p total.

Yes its the same gen.

Deleted …

So it’s all one super 44v battery? 21 modules in parallel?

lol yes, its a solar setup using a schneider sw6848 inverter with 14kw in solar panels. This setup is for my dad so i dont want him to worry about balancing.

I dont mine if its 7 connectors in parallel. I just wanted to know if 21 was possible.

Another question, the volt battery comes with 2 x 24v module, would i be able to use them in parallel to get the 44v nominal?

Yes to all.
It takes a special harness to make the 2 6s modules look like a 12s module.
Like a “Y”. Two 6s plug into one of the extra 12s plugs.
Adds a degree of complexity to an already complex system.
The pcb is a fuseable link. Any problems with wiring or connections, a trace will burn off.
It keeps each group of 3 modules somewhat safe from a problem in another group.

My suggestion is to do the 21 first. That leaves 3 plugs for expansion.
If it all works out for you, get 3 “Y” harness to connect the 6 small modules.
Sorry, it’s a pet peeve of mine calling the 12s modules 48v, as they are 44v nominal.
I generally refer to them by the number of series cells. 6s or 12s.

No worries, whats the pricing looking at right now?

Each set of 6 batteries connected to terminal strip is $150.
4 set will do up to 24 modules. $600

I can look into another method with more isolation. One 12s balancer and lcd, for each 3 modules, connected with 3 way harness.
Picture of example. Not necessarily the best pick. 7 sets each displaying 12 cell voltages.


Each set of these to connect, balance, and display 3 modules. About $150.
May be simpler and safer overall.
Easily expandable.
I can send you one. Plug and play.
Also connect to Volt module here and take a picture.

thank you for looking into other options. The 2nd option looks simple and plug and plug. I’m just wondering the longevity of the bms.

Can’t help there. Electronics work until they don’t. Low cost and modular. Lcd and boards are discrete parts.
Balance current is only 60ma. Enough to keep small in-balance in check. As there would be 7 of them working their own section, total current is 1/2 amp.

Now if budget isn’t an issue, these are 4 amp active balance boards.
Super efficient. They don’t burn off power, but move charge from the high cells to the low cells.
Modules can be grouped with any number on one board. All 21 if you want.
The interconnecting balance wires gets messy after 6 or so modules in a group.

Can you send me one of these boards? I would like to test run. So these can connect up to 3 modules so 3x12s?

Each set of these to connect, balance, and display 3 modules. About $150.
May be simpler and safer overall.
Easily expandable.
I can send you one. Plug and play.
Also connect to Volt module here and take a picture

This one

The first one is about $150 with harness for 3 modules.
The second active high current balance is more like $225.
I have the first. and may have enough parts to put together the second.
Should have time today to work on it.

I have them custom built. Only have the 6s ones on hand. As you have some 6s/22v modules, I can still send one for you to evaluate.

The lower cost version is modular for any number of cells. That one I can put together for connecting to 3 parallel 12s modules.

I can send both for you to compare if that works.


Hello Dave. Can you send me the 6s that can handle at least 2 modules and the 12s x 3 module one. Let me know how much it would cost and where I send payment.