Joining the Volt club

Thanks to this forum and eBay coupons I have 4 6p3s Chevy Volt modules on their way!

Still trying to figure out what BMS to use, really want one with Bluetooth and android app as I have a Fire Tablet that will be mounted in the console. I know the chargery one is popular but haven’t had the best luck with their Charger.

How many amps does the bms need to support in everyone’s experience? Seems for Android compatible most I have seen so far is 400a.

Thanks for the advice!


As that isn’t a normal Volt configuration, might have been better to ask on forum first.
Is this for a Gem?
I use 300a which keeps me on my toes, but works fine. If you are pulling 300a for more than 2 seconds, it’s just wasting juice.

Maybe you mean 4 x 6s modules that are 3p internally. That should be fine.

Hey Inwo, thanks yea for an older Gem. I probably said it wrong, it is 18 cells, 6 in series, 3 parallel for nominal voltage of ~22volts per module with 4 modules to wire in series for 88v nominal, so 4x6s as you said.

Have you or anyone ever done a solar mppt controller panel charger? Haven’t seen it mentioned but I know many on here use theirs like a car so the small amount of charge it would provide wouldn’t work for most.



And they have arrived!

Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to get into the T1 and raise the voltage before pulling out all the dead weight.

Bummer voltage setting is only for the battery indicator, need to read past the first line…

Temporarily strapped in the 4 modules with battery straps in the front without new shelf due to upcoming need for it.

Pulled disconnect switch from rear and out in between first and second module, leaks small amount of voltage even when off, so replacement needed.

Current wiring is as follows
Board B+ > Module 1 +
Module 1 - > Disconnect
Disconnect > Module 2 +
Module 2 - > Module 3 +
Module 3 - > Module 4 +
Module 4 - > Controller B-

Initial test run definitely faster, maxes out at 30MPH though gets there extremely quick. Seems like I am hitting a predefined limit outside of the overspeed controller setting which is maxed out.

More research and mount and connect new Delta-q 922-9654 DCI charger and sonoff DC switch to the 12v DC output for stereo controls

To be continued…

A disconnect between batteries will damage bms.

Thanks, should have mentioned no bms yet, so no charging, just had to make it driveable for a Halloween thing next weekend.

Once I find one, plan to put it between board B+ and first module, since the oem one seems to leak voltage didn’t want to put it anywhere multiple modules were series and increase the voltage leak.



New Disconnect arrived. Plan to wire it like such.

Board B+ To Disconnect
Disconnect to Module 1 +
Module 1 - to Module 2 +
Module 2 - to Module 3 +
Module 3 - to Module 4 +
Module 4 - to Controller B-

Seems to make sense to do it on the + but not sure.


@2002 - Yes, that is correct. I actually did the - but it was just cuz it worked out better in the wiring. It really does not matter.

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Thanks figured as much just didn’t know besides convenience why one way over the other.


Delta-Q new charger mounted, haven’t tested it charging yet but have the always on 12v showing power.

Next is to wire the switched 12v power from dci to sonoff dc switch and rewire stereo over to sonoff switch.

Halloween run through the neighborhood gave a good test run on drive ability. Couple items of note (things I need to remove or change…)

Error Code -11 almost every stop
Error Code -4 when parking brake removed

Error -11 resolved by stomping on pedal and immediately releasing most the time. Potentially related to error -4 per manual.

Parking brake code resolved by pulling up and force pushing down to here the click. Tolerable for me wife most likely not. Parking brake replacement and switch removal moved up on list of things to address.

Current Action Item List

Back Seat Upper Bucket Seat Mounts

Back Seat Lower Bucket Seat Mounts

Back Seat swing or slide out slides for rear compartment access ease

Measure and build/modify waterproof enclosure for 4 24v Volt modules in rear compartment

Measure and build/modify waterproof enclosure for front under hood area

Mount Delta-q 922-9654 DCI converter in hood area enclosure

Identify and procure Bluetooth BMS and install

Wire DCI 12v switched power to ignition switch

Wire DCI 12v always on to Sonoff dc smart switch

ReHome 12v lights and accessories to DCI 12v switched power

Wire Bluetooth Stereo Amp to Sonoff DC smart switch

Mount Bluetooth Amp in Front enclosure

Explore contractors to electrically separate 24v modules and charge via solar and boost controllers.

Figure out why rear view mirror backup camera no longer displaying video

Measure steering column, joints, and tie rods and find after market power assist or power steering upgrade

Measure angles and lengths of coil over spring mounts and calculate size requirements and find replacements

Measure and figure out how to calculate disc brake sizing and find replacement

Install Windows emulator on dash control tablet and install GE Software

Mount tablet in dash and wire charge cable to switches 12v

Add additional Sonoff 12v switches and replace all steering column switches
-high/low speed

Dial in regen braking

Explore using servos or power trunk/hatch lifts for hood, dash, possibly rear access

Explore 4 wheel drive, dual motor options

Make it faster


would like to see pictures of your project , sounds interesting . please share any aftermarket items you find that fit . Inwo on here sells a magic magnet that over rides speed sensor , easy install . Old houseboater makes an easy steering kit for early gems . Early gems when you remove front batteries changes suspension geometry , most find it beneficial to put a module up front to compensate …

Will do, I’ll start adding the pics I have from when I got it and what I have done so far.

The magic magnet I thought was so you don’t have to reprogram the controller, I have a T1 and the adapter and have already made some changes that’s how I got it up to 30mph. The steering if I recall I read on here oldhouseboater doesn’t make the steering thing anymore. Which led me to find the power assist steering from some cars that can be repurposed on YouTube and some other sites.

Getting my new Delta-Q 922 DCI reprogrammed Friday from the guy I got it from. Though he doesn’t have any 922/dci left I think he has 912’s and will program them to what you want if anyone needs a charger. His listing for them is

PICs to come once I finish my remote control lawnmower drone hopefully this week!!


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LOL - I just went down this road - These are 96v chargers so from what I understand they are not much good to us unless they have the #67 profile. This guy does not have that profile nor do any of us. I know cuz I have been talking to him also. I am trying to get the #67 profile but have not been able to yet.
The #177 profile is 131v WAY to much for our GEMS.
I may not fully understand your build but in general this appears to be the case.

Interesting considering he just said he just got that one the other day from his guy.

I will have to check and see the 177 profile i references is for 72v. I guess I assumed that was an option you can program in the charger 72v battery system not specifically the charger series.

Thanks for the heads up if that is the case I’ll see if he has the 96v max of 98.4 algorithm.

Thanks again,


I assumed the same thing that why I bought two of them… nope.
#177 in a 96v is 131v - #177 in a 72v is 98.5v

As of this morning he (Matt?) told me he did not have access to #67 profile. #67 is 98.4 on a 96v Charger I think.

If we can get the #67 we are all golden.

I’ll help out anyone that gets stuck. Only out the shipping.
Haven’t been able to find what car company they are from or what #99 is.