Use for solar setup

I’m still testing. Want to make sure that I don’t waste your time.
This is the 12s connected to 1 module. Notice 2 more plugs top of other battery.
MVC-010F MVC-011F

The active balancer has been changed to Chinese screen. I’m checking to see if English screen is still available.


This is the screen on previous model.

Sorry, I’m not helping you much.
It just worked out that I had time to test some new products that have been languishing in a drawer.
Here is an actual 12s bluetooth bms. They have been around a while, and work pretty well. What’s new is the add-on lcd screen.

Unfortunately only the Chinese version, but it shows all cell levels plus H and L cell.
Better that a poke in the eye.


Sounds good let me know when youre finish testing and what you recommend.


At this point the only one ready to run is the first one mentioned.

This will tie three 12s modules together.

Payment sent. Thanks for your time. I might be getting a Nissan leaf battery also.

Ready to go out USPS Monday.
The three plugs are wired pin to pin to connect cells in parallel. Connect only to modules that are connected +to+ and -to-. To insure similar voltages.
It will work the same connected to 1, 2, or, 3 modules.
Bare boards are fragile and static sensitive.
The other bms and balancers use similar harness.
If the wires leave the plug straight up, it fits easily. Don’t force it and bend pins in the socket.
If it isn’t to your liking, send it back. At a minimum you will see how the harness works. Any number can be connected together.

Hello Dave. Been a long time. Since reading thru this forum. I went out and bought a 2006 gem e4. I’m planning to put my volt batteries in it now since I have Nissan leaf batteries to run the house. I’ll probably need a couple of bus units. Won’t know how many until I put it in.

I want more speed from the car. I hear your the man to talk to for it.

Hello Dave. I finally got my 2nd volt. This is going to be for my solar setup again. So I have 12x44.4v packs in parallel. You said you had like a 4amp 6 module bms with lcd for $100? If you do I will need 2. Let me know if you have something new and better. Thanks.

I’m out of my parallel harnesses. You would need 4. Each connects 3.
Don’t know if I will get more as I need 100 at a time.
I do have boards that us the stock orange cables and plugs. The boards can have quick connect terminals or solder pads to run wires module to module.
Fit in the original board enclosure top of battery.

The thing is that the other 5 packs I have do not have the connectors on top. I stupidly threw them out. I will check when I get home if I still have the connectors. I will get back to you.

How did you connect the other ones? Yellow harness?
I might be able to find one or two.

For the gem. I’m currently using your bms with only 2 modules at the moment. My priority is the inverter system. The 12 modules do not have a bms at the moment. I haven’t completed the project and the batteries have been sitting around.

I have all the stock connectors from the volt. It looks like I didnt throw them away. :slight_smile:

The bms boxes from top of batteries makes this a very neat method, but it will work without them.
Do you solder? Bare boards are $12 each. The only other thing you need is the orange sockets. Reuse the ones you have or order from Mouser.
Boards are marked with cell numbers. Daisy chain them in sets of 3 or 4, connect the sets wire to wire. All 12 daisy chained gets pretty long

No I do not know how to solder. I have all of those orange sockets. What are all the components needed to make this work?

The boards and mating sockets for your orange wires.
As seen in my picture above.
Optional Quick connect terminals are also shown.

So how much would it be for the bms and mating sockets for 12 modules?

Or if you have yellow harness. Whatever is cheaper. Thanks.

If I get 12 boards, can I hook them up in parallel to 1 chargery bms16t? Also. Which gauge wires will I need to connect from 1 board go another? Would 16awg work? Do do I need to do anything with the negative battery terminal?