Searching for pre-wired BMS for Chevy Bolt

Does anyone offer a pre-wired BMS kit for Chevy Bolt battery pack? We’re using the full pack for a car conversion.

There are some hacks out there I believe.
96s is very high voltage for hobbyists I make harnesses that plug into Volt modules, and have cascading Bluetooth bms boards that can do 96s.
I would need to know the physical layout and what type control you want. Ie. Hvc only or lvc also.
Guessing $1k.

I am still working on the layout. Once that is complete I will circle back. What is the production time for such wire harness?

By the way, have you had any success with hacking the Volt/ Bolt BMS (BECM), DC/DC 14 v, and charger? I would love to recycle these parts in the build, as well. :wink:

No, I only deal with low voltage. Less than 100v.
Volt shouldn’t be a problem. Always have modules for testing. Bolt is something else.
See @grantwest thread on adding bms leads. Anything that I put together for Bolt requires hand wiring.
It seems that you having ability to build a 355v ev system, the bms would be the easy part.

Thank you for your input. I checked out Grant’s videos and they were a huge help. Cheers!

Ah, Dave,
You always make me feel so left out, I have your old Bolt cart and have added four more cells from Grant so I can help with Bolt questions as well if needed.
JK -giving you a hard time Grant is my mentor here, just being a smart ass this morning.