HiI Need help on BMS / Charging

I am converting a classic bike to electric and have completed all the mechanical tasks. I am using a 48v DC motor 200 amp max run but this can be doubled for 14 seconds ( I might try the drag strip ). I will be building 4 battery packs. Each pack consists of 13 cells in series stacked 5 high with a copper bus bar at each end and 2 strips of 0.2mm pure nickel10mm strips to connect the 13 batteries (Samsung 407 35amp 4 amp hour )

I now need a BMS and on board charging ( 240v 13 amp supply as I am in the UK ) solution and detailed instructions on how to wire up. I wont be using the bike much at all once built but may well transfer the batteries to another project. I am not looking for a budget solution but don’t think I need top end .

Any advice on where to go / purchase would be much appreciated.



i’m in the same place as you. im converting a Golfcart, Toro Workman E2050 with S13 Samsung SDI cell and i’m use ZEVA BMS for it, but i have problem with program the charger Delta-Q 36v, i need the alorithms for it.

I am using a Heyo BMS but have not installed it yet. I have had no response from the forum so have forgotten about it. I can only suggest you get a BMS from a company that is big / provides support or get on a Facebook page ( which I am going to try ) as there seem to be some friendly people on there .)

Good luck