Looking for Lithium Help/Advice

Not sure if this setup will work, so any advice would be appreciated. None of the wiring is hooked up yet, as I want to be sure before I proceed this weekend, hopefully.

Planning on the two on the left to be hooked up in parallel ( + to + and – to -), and also the two on the right.

Then plan on hooking up the two in the center in series (+ to – and + to -).

The negative wire to the controller from the outside left battery and the positive wire to the fuse block from the outside right battery.

Yellow wiring - The first two plugs on the right side would go to the right and the first two plugs on the black side would go to the left, leaving one spare plug on the end of each side.

For the charger, red is positive and goes to the positive post on the inside right battery. Black is negative and goes to the shunt, and then the other side of the shunt hooks to the negative post on the inside left battery.

Any and all input would be appreciated.


Looking at it very quickly - yes this looks correct. @Inwo may have some better feedback.
What voltage is each battery 48v? So you will have 96-99v system?

Make sure the check your voltages one by one before you plug in the BMS - Plug it in low to high, made that 300.00 mistake once before.

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Yes - each battery is 48v. Hooked everything up with no issues, checked voltages, plugged it all in.
Charger reads “error low batt vol” and BMS is in storage mode.
Any ideas?

Chargery charger?
It reads voltage before turning it on.
How is charger set?
24s LiIon or Lipo?

Be sure inter module connections are solid or it will burn bms or harness when current has no place else to go.

Yea, if Delta Q charger, what profile?
What are the voltages of each battery and then the whole system currently?

PS - I would disconnect the BMS until you get it charging, if you have something loose or wrong that will be the first thing that fries.

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using the charger that came with the BMS system, which is called a charger. Wasn’t aware the delta q had a lipo profile.

got it, just trying to figure out how to get the charger to charge. lol

charge3ry is set to LIpo

Dave, this setup might have originally come from you. I got it from a guy named Ralph, here in Florida.

Charger works independently. When connected to battery plus and minus it will read battery voltage.
Charger is smart and will not charge until it senses proper voltage for settings.
24s Lipo, 4v-4.15v, 1a to 15a.
Only important setting. Should take off with long press.

Ralph, what can I say?
I’ll have to look it up. Thought I just gave him a 4kwh to test. This is 8kwh. Might make a 40 mile Gem.
Did I have the water jackets cut off for him?
Very nice system if you don’t smoke anything.

How did you get this far on your own?
Had I left instructions or pictures?
I’m sure Ralph forgot everything we talked about, although Rodney claims he’s the smartest Gem guy around.
I could never get him to do the lithium thing.

Did a lot of visiting on this site and extensively looked at your posts and all the lithium info. Ralph didn’t have a clue about any of this. He had the system and 2 48 volts. I picked up 2 more on ebay. Cut the water jackets off myself and drilled and bolted them together on the bottoms. Went online to get the manual for the charger system, but the rest has been playing it by ear. Haven’t heard from Ralph for awhile. Not sure if he’s still in business or not. I like the guy, but he just never seemed to get anything done on time which kind of led to a lot of his problems. Anyway, that’s the history. Now if I can just get this setup to work, I’ll be doing great. lol

ok appreciate it. Will go back to work on it tomorrow. I have the negative connected to the shunt and then to the battery and the positive, directly to the battery. Not sure I’m fully understanding the Bms. Do I need to charge each battery individually with the charger? and can I do it without the BMS hooked in? Not a lot of BMS explanations out there.
Thanks again,

I just looked up the transaction. I could not believe that I would sell him an 8kwh battery for what he paid.
It all makes sense now.
Leave the bms unhooked but the harnesses connected to keep the parallel modules tracking.
The charger will charge all at once, but.
Make sure batteries are about the same voltage. If not, charge the low ones to match the high ones.
Every thing will work without the bms.
If total voltage is over 86v, you need to add a spoof to pin 1 of controller.
If under 86, only 5-10 miles left in batteries.

Looks like I’m missing something, so here’s what I have:
Batteries hooked up left to right in a row. Both outsides are hooked up parallel and two inner ones are hooked up in series, giving total pack of 80 - 96 volts.
Disconnected BMS, but left the harness hooked to the batteries and the BMS4T. Left the black phone cord hooked from the charger to the BMS4T.
Battery voltages are from left to right:
43.6 43.6 45.8 45.8
Hooked the charger directly to the outside left battery.
Turned on the charger and display read:
Idle Mode
Pushed Button and get:
Battery Type = LIpo
Cell Count =24S
Charge Current = 10.0

End Current = 20%
End Voltage = 4.13V
Restaert Charge = No
Auto Charge = No

Long Push on Button gives:
Error Info
Battery Vol. Low

Any ideas?