Chevy Bolt Cells for EV

I have stumbled upon a new Chevy Bolt type cells that I intend to use for my 1980 Comuta-car and I need advice for a BMS and Charger combo.
I purchased (2) 24V LG Lithium-Ion Packs, 7s3p 4.15kWh Chevy Bolt EV to create a 48 volt 14s3p 8.3kWh pack to replace my (6) 8volt golf cart lead acid set up.
I have read through @grantwest post and @Inwo comments on the gem upgrades and basic BMS functionality. The Chargery system looks good but I would like to hear how they have held up over time. I plan to use this as a daily driver 9 miles one way with hills. Bad part is I live at the top of a 1/2 mile hill, but access to 110 power at work.
I have upgraded to a 600 amp 48 volt alltrax (wish I had went to the 72 volt lol) controller and 400 amp solenoid and heavy duty f/r contactor. Looks like a good group of folks here. Looking forward to the conversation and advice.

That doesn’t seem correct. Modified?
Bolt cells are great.
Is you vehicle 19 spline dana?

10 spline Dana. The cells were sold separately from a supplier to the person that was making a solar power wall but he decided to go a different direction when the supplier ran out of stock. Hope it works out. I think it going to be a 160 ah pack.

The 7s doesnt seem right.
Only 8s or 10s as built.

The sale fell through…the seller underestimated the cost and preparation for shipping. I’m still interested in how the chargery BMS and charger are holding up.

Working well. @grantwest may have the most experience with them.

I have been having excellent luck with mine. Any problems I’ve had have been self-inflicted. If you hook them up even a little bit wrong you’re in trouble. But once you get that hooked up right they have been very reliable I highly recommend them. But like I said there is no room for error they have no protection if you were to hook up any of the JST leads incorrectly

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