Thinking about Adding 4 more cells

Right now I have a 20 Cell Bolt pack in my car.
I have become quite familiar with the cars perforce & it’s range.

Well the other day I accidentally charged my car car higher then I normally do & the extra voltage and performance did not go un noticed. I used to think that AC cars didn’t care about the extra voltage you provided them like a DC car does. Well with my accidental discovery it got me thinking. I have a extra 6 bolt cells just sitting around. I could take 4 of the cells and add them to my pack and bump the voltage in my car from 83 volts on the High side to 99.5!


ummmm, do it…

Fill the space

Fingers Crossed the 4 extra cells can fit between the Charger and the top trunk
After looking at that photo I’m gonna say NO the extra cells are not gonna fit? But I’ll have to
Look closer

Or wait a couple weeks for a Tesla model-x I’m getting in. :wink:
@djgabriel2004 check out this charger.
@grantwest remember 29a charger is fixed at 86v. Think of adding one or two cells.

G, I think I have a bolt 3 cell.

This is the one, is it 120v/240v?

Yes, J1772/can ready.

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