New Gem better than old ones or...?

Hello all, I’m looking at a 2016 Gem E4, only a couple miles on it actually. Is the new Gem technology better than the prior years or are there certain years that are the "best " ones to buy? Sometimes new is not always better. Your thoughts please, thanks

Other than being “Butt Ugly” The new machines are up to date technology wise and should be the way to go. Polaris is a top company and it’s products enjoy a good reputation. If you can get by the appearance go for it. HOWEVER if your performance oriented I have not heard about any successful Hot Rod builds yet.


I got to drive a 2016. And I would say this. I would take a Newer 2013 and up “Classic version”. (Classic is what they are calling the Orignal gem) over a New style E4

Now if doors are a priority then the new E4 is your only option. The new E4 has doors that are real doors and they work great. But if doors are not part of your purchase me personally I would gravitate to a classic and do a Lithium conversion.

When it’s all said and done. You could have a fully tricked out Lithium classic for the price of a boat stock New style E4. If it was for fleet use or some government agency or it was a car that anyone and everyone would be driving I would go for the new E4 they seem to be built for the complete newbie.

I want a car that isn’t going to be high maintenance but I would like it to perform too. It’s strictly for pleasure so I’m not worried about it being used by anyone except myself. I read about the Lithium conversion and I like it but as I said I don’t want something that’s going to need me to have to mess with it constantly. I do appreciate the input, it is very helpful and it will definitely help to make a decision. I 'd rather spend a few extra bucks and get a nice dependable car, but I do want the performance as well. Glad to hear from someone that has driven one, thanks again.

Have had electrics since 1973. The lithium manganese (and I specify manganese) have completely changed my outlook about maintenance, trust in range and performance level. There are too many problems with acid or gel to even list. But all those problems are gone. The lithium manganese are even more trouble free and powerful than lithium phos. Anyway, I would go with lithium manganese or what comes next. Real plug, and go, go, go…

I really don’t like the looks of the new e4’s with doors. Luckly living in FL doesn’t require doors. I have a 2012 GEM e4 that I use a lot for running errands. It has been great and I like the body style. After 7 years I just put new AGM batteries in it and had it serviced. No mechanical problems so far and people always comment about how cool it looks.