Buying a new GEM

We’re buying a house in FL and will be buying an E4 for local transportation. Are there any must have options that we should consider? I figure the upgraded lights and trunk are in that category. My wife is pushing for the steering upgrade because when we’ve rented golf carts previously she had a hard time at lower speeds. Is the 6.5kW motor worth it? I’m planning on the distance AGM batteries for now and maybe upgrading in a couple os years. I appreciate any help that you can give.

$0.02: if you plan on sticking around for 5 years then don’t spend a dim on lead acid/gel/agm batteries and get a lithium setup. Too many benefits from a lithium setup and too many headaches dealing with lead.

Also, the GEM is not a golf cart(EZ Go, ZoneE, etc) and so steering, braking and general performance will different. I recommend you go out and test drive some even if you are not yet ready to purchase, get a feel for what you will eventually be doing and check if it has front disc brakes and ask about battery health as acceleration and ride will vary somewhat based on lead battery quality. I have a 2002 and if I had to do it all over I wouldn’t have bought it and would have looked for something > 2005 since they have better steering, better suspension, better controllers and better brakes already.

OTOH- A local parked their later model Tomberlin down in my yard in a spot that was in my way. Keys were in so that was like an invite to move it. Yes?
Wow! That electric assist power steering is like butter!!!

I might just have to find one of those and see what it would take to adapt that in. (in my spare time)

Hey if your Intrested in a New gem, you can save thousands by getting one used.

I have a 2019 E6 with power steering New 36grand myn has 400 miles $18k

2016 E4 with 3000 miles 15k both cars are like new


You need it! Grant loves his power steering.

They look great Grant but wife likes those new colors. The radiant green goes with the house color. I would love to get lithium but factory is $9-11K so I may do aftermarket in a few years.

if your going to drive at night, i would get the premium led head lights. going to cost a lot more than $108, to get them later. mines coming in in a few days. 6.5wK motor, rear window, visors, distance batteries, option upholstery, trunk,14" wheels, green. also gear set 1, by dealer.

@mrc758 - A 2019 just went up for sale on the forum, cheap. Better jump on it.
Just what you were looking for.

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Ok: I have a 2019 with power steering and I love it super fun to drive. Worth the 2k
Headlights No Brainer. The LED cool colored interior lights? If it’s under $200 I say go for it.
I would stay away from the Plexy Roof.
The interior window/defroster works great if you drive with doors on and in the rain.
Bumpers are nice cause that way you can park in a garage and put it all the way against the walls with out damage the plastic.
J1172 Charge port (a must)
Floor Matt’s are cheep enough and make the car more quiet. Back up cam??? I’m still out on that one. I have one but don’t find myself using it. If the screen was on the dash where most normal cars are I could see using it more.
Tilt wheel A MUST.
Interior Overhead Led lights a must

A 2019 just went up for sale on the forum, cheap. Better jump on it.

I saw that too and was going to link them, but it wouldn’t match their radiant green house

Most people in FL don’t want doors, I can understand. But for our use, I would never own A car with out doors. They are a Must for me.
With doors you can use your car all year long as we do. Everyone around me has to put their cars away as soon as it gets cold and the rain starts. We on the other hand love “Storm Riding”:ocean:🏄🏼‍♂:cloud_with_rain:. A cabin heater and your cozy like in a regular car!

I decided against the doors. This puppy will reside on Anna Maria Island and it tends to not get too cold. I put the order in this am. Radiant green, trunk back, 16" wheels, interior lighting, power steering, premium headlights, 6.5 motor, distance AGM and rear window. Now the waiting begins. I called several dealers and was told anywhere from 90-150 days. The place that took the order told me a couple of months but I’m skeptical.

16" rims, means a lower profile tire/ stiffer ride.

16" rims, means a lower profile tire/ stiffer ride.

True, depending on the tires coming on it. But I don’t think this is much of a factor on a new car vs a 2002 spine crusher.

What was your out the door cost for your car

Grant. I sent you a DM.

Thanks for the info. Appreciate it

Hi Maurice: I had a e-4 (2006) model in Ocala, Fl. We moved to Coral Gables a year ago, and purchased another e-4 (2014). We use it every single day.
My two cents:
The trunk is a valuable piece, and definitely the 6.5 W motor. Also 14” rims, (optional).
Welcome to Florida and the GEM family.
Good luck!

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I’m in the same boat. Land bought in gated community. So the GEM will be the daily driver around the neighborhood. Is the an order sheet that lays out all the options? The website is not good for that and the one dealer I visited (Chantilly) is not all that interested in helping

I just did a build and price on the website for mine. There’s a tab next to the options that says see details and when you click on it a description appears. After you’re finished you can save the build. Be prepared to wait. I think they’re 120-140 days out right now.