2013 E4 VS 2018 E4 Drag Race

My Neighbor Mike got a new E4 at a cost of 16k I got to drive it and test it out. Then we shot a video of a little hill climb. Didn’t seem fair cause my car is tricked out and his is stock but it is what it is. Enjoy

Stock motor and controller?

Sorry yes my 2013 is Bone Stock. Only mods are

  1. 2016 Chevy Spark Lithium battery
  2. delta Q reprogram charger
  3. David’s 24 cell BMS battery monitor
  4. David’s “magic magnet” 25mph speed over ride

Stock 5hp motor
Stock T4 controller

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That’s some low cost performance . (comparatively):sunglasses:
Of all the mods available, hard to beat more voltage.
I’m always over 82 volts on mine. Usually over 90v.

Now that you’re happy with Spark, who will test my fepo4?
Can’t wait to see what you can do with the 48v ac cars.
No tricking speedometer on those. Gears or tires I guess.
See if they use the same Gem transmision.

So far I’m more than happy with the Performance. My car will go 40mph. I can drive my car to town on a high speed section of road Non stop for 10+ miles at 40mph with no issues. Turn around and come right back and I’m at 1/2 charge. High speed or 40mph chewes threw battery power. I know my car will go 30-40 miles keeping it at 25mph. I don’t feel like I need to up the performance any more the car is great, I would like to see how I can tune or adjust the controllers settings for better efficiency. With my dash mounted BMS I can see how much power I’m sucking from the pack. It would be interesting to play with settings and see if you can tune the controller for greater efficiency.

One thing I noticed right off the Bat with the 2018. The car seems to tuned for a soft take off. You stomp down on the gas and it’s very sluggish. I’m sure it’s great for Low amp draw but if you had someone tail gateing you at a traffic light it would not be a confidence booster your thinking does this thing have enough juice to get out of the way on a fast road??? The brakes were funky. You can feel the Re-gen kick in when you put your foot on the brakes. Then you feel the mechanical brakes come into play after re-gen has taken over

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@grantwest you stated the 2013 has a stock 5HP motor but that kind of hill climbing is sure to spike the temperature. Do you know what temps you see on that or how does that compare to say a 2002 5HP motor or a newer 7HP motor?

That was just too darn fast and smooth and not doubt thanks to those lithium batteries holding a steady voltage.


Doug good question I have a digital temp tool I’ll do The Hill climb and take a temp what’s your guess.

I would say 150-160 degrees

I did the heat hillclimb test 2 driffrent Times
Test #1 stone cold the motor was 55 at the top of The Hill it was 57
Test #2 motor was 130 at the top of The Hill the motor was 138.

I was shocked. I hit the temp gauge again for a 2 nd and 3rd reading and each time the temp kept climbing up till it got to 148 it’s like as it sat it got warmer.

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what I figure is the windings are what get hot and it take time for that heat to migrate out to the thick metal case.

If you do any more temp measuring, you might consider seeing what the back of the motor at the bearing looks like too. The rotor will also get hot and it can only migrate that heat into the air in the motor and to the bearings or ends of the rotor. One end is inside the tranny, the other is in the back of the motor.

I’m getting a Bluetooth module this week and will probably connect up a few temp sensors to the motor in the next couple of weeks. The Bluetooth is so I can monitor the temps on a smartphone wirelessly.