2013 E6 Upgrades, Lithium? AC?

As far as I can tell mostly stock 2013 E6. Wheels tires are the 14" ride4fun package. Controller and batteries toast. Ran up until about a year ago until controller started throwing error 77 at random times and also whenever going downhill, controller was replaced, same issue so its been sitting until upgrades are sorted.

Use is flat land (one small 30’ tall hill), almost always less than 20 miles per day.

What’s the current state of the art for this year E6?

I am also interested in upgrading a stock 2014 E4 to lithium. Thanks.

Forgot to mention located in San Diego.

Only 8kw motor for sale is Adam Burke. Panhandle Fl.
I can hook you up with batteries.
Shipping Monday.

2013 with stock motor and mid voltage lithium pack will do over 35+ mph with controller reprogram. Some get close to 40.

Remember, E6 not E4 so might take longer and dump more heat into the motor to get there due to more mass to move.

That’s why I recommend the mid voltage pack. It will make the motor produce more HP. And If it the stock black motor, it will pull like a v8.


I have the medium lithium pack, stock motor on my e2 with a service bed & stock motor
Pulls all the overpasses & hills at 25mph
Will smoke the tires when starting out if I floor it
Over 25 miles range at full speed

I might be able to help out… depending on what you end up deciding to install. I’m out in the San Carlos /SDSU area. Only problem is my calendar is jam packed until September… You’re welcome to come out and check out my AC setup in my 2016 e4

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They say the first time is always free…

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