Building the ultimate GEM?

They say that rebuilding an old car is far more eco-friendly than buying a new one. The word “Re purposeing” comes to mind. The Idea of rebuilding an older GEM to what I would call moden specifications. I’ll explain. If you were to walk into a Polars dealer and lay down 15k for a new GEM IMO your throwing your money out the window And your being wastefull In the process. Why would you buy a 2015 GEM when they are basically the same as a 2002 or newer. Sure there have been some improvements. But overall it’s still the same 20 mile range glorified golf cart that is was at inception.

What if you could keep the basic GEM car platform. But utilize a brushless motor system combined with lithium ion battery pack. And still have it sell for 10-15k.

What brought on this question was this. I have been spending a lot of time energy and money rebuilding my GEM car. And when it’s all said and done. Sure it’s going to be better than stock. But the heart of the vehicle. The motor and battery pack. Are 1980s technology. In the end I feel like I’m fixing up a boom box with a cassette player when everyone else has a iPod. I’ll be it boom boxes from the 80s were very cool. And have their place it just seems like there is not a lot of movment going into the Modernizing the NEV.

Well it is 80s tecnology - However it’s good technology. But lets put it in perspective for the Average owner.

AC brushless motor. Hmmmm good deal, we wont have to change the brushes every 20,000 miles. LION batteries. We can retro these to our present carts. These will replace Gels in the near future. The new carts now have disc brakes IMHO really good stuff.

So the bottom line is Mr. Average won’t be able to tell one bit of difference in operation of his 25 MPH cart.

How ever Mr Gadget will be highly pleased to have something that our older 25MPH haven’t got.


Your gonna be more pleased and proud of your build, when it’s done, than Mr Average could even contemplate with his new $15000 ultra modern AC Whiz Bang Special. that is regulated to 25 MPH.


What say you?

I guess where this tread is going is just Me venting that when you take in all the cost associated with “up grading” any gem from “Glorified Golf cart” to legitimate EV car alternative. The cost is to prohivitiev. You can get a Electric Fiat 500 or a Electric Smart car for Cheep. Hell for 9k you can Lease the new BMW I-3 for 3 years. That’s still way cheeper then a New GEM.

Thats not the point. In reality these things are toys pure and simple. Mr Average buys a GEM because it’s different. It stands out from the crowd.

There is absolutly no justification to buy an Electric Car with Gas prices under $3 per gallon, NONE!!! People buy them because they’re different. The owner wants to be noticed and that helps his ego. The future is in plug in HYBRIDS not pure ecectrics

I drive and have driven Mammath American Cars all my life. Not because I need to but because they feel GOOD.

If you buy a new GEM @ +$16000 you are doing because you can, and IT FEELS GOOD. If you buy the Beemer Electric you do it because you can and it makes you FEEL GOOD and indicates you are an individual and not Mr Average.

My other hobby is home organs. In 1995 a gentleman paid $65,000 for a Lowrey Majesty organ. I bought it in 2004 for $5000 it’s now worth $1200 tops. There is NO WAY that i could afford to pay retail. I’m happier than a cub bear in a honey tree that the gentlman could. I will have it till I die.

You, myself and a lot of the paticipants in this forum get MORE pleasure out of bringing back a non working object than we could ever get from buying a new one.

Tell me i’m out to lunch:)