New Batteries for the Think :) - Thanks David

I have installed a 22 cell (92v) battery built by David Bissen and am having great success. While the setup is still very new, and the permanent installation is not finalized, I wanted to begin the documentation for other Think owners that may be interested in replacing their AGM and upgrading to a lithium battery setup. As a background, my old battery setup would allow me to go a couple of miles, which while fine to get to the beach and back, limited me to staying close to home. I wanted to be able to easily go 15 miles without worrying about the battery. I believe I have a lot more…

In terms of fit and finish, the battery pack easily fits in the stock location under the front seats. I am in the process of fabricating a battery tie down and will use the factory bolt holes. I will also likely add fans to the case, but so far this has not proven to be necessary. Currently I have sent my charger to Dave to reprogram the charger so I can get a full 92v charge. The charge profile I was using only took the cells to 84v, but that was a HUGE improvement over the AGM setup.

Acceleration feels faster (maybe less weight, maybe placebo), but the speed is still governed at 25 mph :(…The cart drives fine and I have been able to drive the cart into and around town and back without any issue (other than limited top speed). The furthest I have driven the cart is ~ 6+ miles and voltage dropped from ~83v to 80v.

Ideally, I could reprogram the controller to allow the cart to drive faster. Maybe I should consider changing the gear ratio so I can go a tad faster without spinning the motor too fast? While 35 mph would be nice, 45mph would be nicer :).

Pictures and updates to follow…

My next modification will be installing disc brakes…


I’d really like to see pictures of your final install. I’ve been toying with this as well.

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I just ordered a custom lithium pack from a company in China. I have sized it to fit in the central battery area. It is a sealed metal box with a BMS included. Should have it in about two months. Will keep you informed. The price delivered was less than a gel pack.

Hi Videoguy,
Do you have a link to what you ordered?
Or maybe the info page from your order?
I’m just curious what you are getting.

I’ll post pictures shortly…I would HIGHLY recommend going through David (vs. importing from a Chinese seller) as you will likely need support…

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The order was all done by email.I did get an invoice and was able to pay thru Paypal. The hardest part was the language. They speak pretty good English but it took some time.
I ordered a custom sized self contained pack that should fit in the central section of the battery compartment. The pack includes an BMS and connections to my specs.I should lose about 350 lbs with this.
It will take about two months with the shipping being some 45 days door to door. I have several friends with Thinks so I will make sure mine works ok before any more are ordered. Here is the link to the company…

@cij got a drop in kit.
I also sell the bare cells for diy, $100 each.
Use 20-24 for 72v to 88v.
94ah or double up for 188ah.
These are new real ev batteries in current use, not lifepo4.
In stock, 1 week delivery with support.

sdi think box
sdi think

Can you get the Samsung SDIs Third Generation 120 Ah cells, same dimension as the 94ah model?

I have not looked for them.

I can get Svolt 156ah cells for about the same price. Minimum order 100 pcs.

yes i dont know but im sure