SDI battery for think

I have several empty battery cases here at this time and it should not cost much to ship them.
Can either sell them or loan them with deposit. Pay shipping both ways.

Many false starts on fitment in a Think. This may put the question to bed.

14 3/8" wide
22 7/8" long
6 1/2" tall

I would love to try one

I will gladly pay shipping

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Send $50 refundable. Or less, whatever’s fair.

FedEx picks up tomorrow.

I still have two Thinks here. I did sell the Green pre production unit but another production unit popped up on eBay and I picked it up.

Lithium is in my future

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If it doesn’t fit, check this out. Same battery, or more capacity/voltage, but different dimensions.
+$500 for being custom built. Unless you want it as a kit. DIY.
36" x 11" x 7" for up to 25 cells. (24s is normal limit for GE controllers)


399 East Center St.
Petersburg, Mi 49270

Jeff Johnson

I need to do something about a charger too. Neither of mine are able to be reprogrammed from what I can gather.

One is the old silver or grey unit.

Try it and see how far it charges. Usually any charger will go to 80% full.
Bms will protect battery.