Ford think Extended range Lithium battery packs

These lithium packs will give your Think a 40 to 50 mile range . I have been supplying them to Gem owners and have had limited availability . Now have a few more in stock and can offer them to Think owners . These are New battery packs made by LG chem . Base version is a 20spack @ 82v but can be upped to 24s and 96v ( I run 96v in my personal Gem) . These packs are 180ah and weigh 140lbs total . A stock lead packs weighs about 400lbs .

This upgrade will make your Think accelerate much faster , climb hills at higher speeds and significantly increase range . In most cases your Think will perform so well with your stock motor you will not need to upgrade it .Your Deltaq charger will need to be reprogrammed for lithium . And I would recommend using a BMS . Multiple Gem owners are using a 400A , 20s , bluetooth one off of Ebay and have been very happy ($125) .

We have dozens of Gems running this setup .

The pack have 2 modules . These are pictures showing dimensions with the modules stacked on top of each other . They can also be use side by side .

The packs prepped and ready for install are $2200 .

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Need a picture and dimensions of the battery area.

@LithiumGods Hi, I’m interested in more info for a 2002 Ford Think. New user here so won’t let me PM you. Can PM me. Thanks.

I’m interested in your Lithium upgrade, do you have more info, battery type, charger? I live in Phoenix, any insight on folks who do upgrades here?

I’m out of stock at this time. Is this for a ford think?