Ford think Extended range Lithium battery packs

I will be working on getting the test case fit this weekend I hope. Had to pull my boat and a few other projects before I get back to the Samsung Case. I will keep you posted

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This is the Samsung case sitting in the bottom of my Think. The only things needed will be a splash pan, changing the front seat support and possibly cutting a new hole in the seat support tube for the emergency bake cable to clear.

I removed the side battery straps and the front seat front support mount and trimmed some plastic running along the back of the battery pan. I feel confident this will work great.

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Thank you for the information. This has been a puzzle for the two months that these batteries have been available.
I will hold one for you if you decide to go this route. Unfortunately, we are sold out, but for a couple held back.
One for you and one for a customer that may need a second one.

All is not lost, as I have a few pallets of single cells arriving as soon as the ship can get unloaded on West coast.

I will take one for sure and probably two…I have two Thinks sitting here. I will send your empty case back this week or early next week depending on if I have to head to North Carolina this week.

If the case is not in your way hang on to it for now.
I have a battery saved for you. If you wanted two, would need to buy right away as the rest are pre-sold. I had no idea they would sell this fast. I had 30 of them 2 months ago.
Send $2750 minus $50 for case deposit to:
Friends and family or add 4% fees.
I have a fedex pick up tomorrow and Tuesday.

I was out of town doing a machine install. I will get you the money. The case is not in my way but I have a charger to send to you for programming thinking I would just send them together (or Not). If this one can even be programmed for lithium.

Do you program the GE motor


The charger is programable. I don’t do controllers.

So should I send the case with the charger?

Looking ahead do I need any Anderson or different style connectors for the battery pack?

also can I pay you any other way besides PayPal 4% on 2700 is $108.00 I am not cheap but 100 dollars is steep.

A check is fine.
PayPal gift is no fees.
Venmo doesn’t go that high.

No, you may need to extend your cables. Both connect to the same end.
If you slide battery to one side will your battery cable reach one end.

The other thing that works is to use your fuse block as a terminal block. Running a cable from there to battery. If you have a master switch, works the same.

Sent it with Friends and family took me a minute to figure it out.

Where do I send the Charger?
Case Too?

David Bissen
100 Falls st
Hokah, Mn. 55941

Add po box 496 if usps


The Samsung case and the Charger for re-programming are boxed up and awaiting pick-up from UPS and headed your way.

This correct?


Jeff Johnson

399 East Center St. PETERSBURG MI 49270 US


FedEx Standard Rate

Yes it is. Thanks

The case and a charger for you to program are headed your way

Hello Dave, do you have any Lithium battery packs ready dor purchase?

I do. Just got in another 22s sdi battery. One coming back from .ca. without bms.
One drop in battery $2750.
Depending on where and when, George may be able to drop one off.
Someone on forum test fit one in a Think.

Hello, that sounds great. I am checking the previous post to see the 22s sdi batteries fit and dimensions. I live in Vermont. is there a way I can ask few questions from you about this upgrade? like through a message or email? Thank you