Ford think Extended range Lithium battery packs


I have a 2 seater and 4 seater. The battery compartment dimensions are exactly the same.

Out of 22s modules again, however I have a few of the cases and cases of new cells available.
A truck will be going to Oregon then South through Ca. next week.
Make arrangements with @GHTransport @Erniea15 or @jrjava to have something dropped off.

@AssyRequired keep me informed. Also, I’m thinking of putting a S6 Vantage/Sevcon in the box for you, Ernie, or Adam if needed it for testing.
Making a list and checking it twice!

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Hello! I am new to this forum and researching how to upgrade my 2002 ford Think golf edition NEV. Your battery banks look perfect! Can you supply to me? I live in WA state. The car is at the local ford dealer for work. We are pretty sure it has the charger that can be reprogrammed for for lithium. can you contact me by email or phone to discuss?

@Selavie just put in a tote battery. Looking for pictures.

Did you want another picture of the install in my think ?

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This looks very nice with the BMS on the side of the crate.

I am looking for a drop in Lithium setup for 72V system on my Ford Think. I have a newer Delta Q that can charge Lithium is my understanding and has the 12v DC-DC converter internally. It is currently set up for gel.

@LithiumGods @Inwo @cij @Selavie You all seem to have great success from what I have read.

Thank you

I don’t have anything that will fit a Think. Inwo is your man.

I am too far behind to build one, but can coach diy. Not difficult at all.
21 cells $100 each
Terminated bms $250
Link to tote <$50
Much less money than when I put the cells in the tote.

Hi @Inwo what’s your email address?

Do you have instructions on the cable setup for these? I’m having issues with Samsung sdi pack not turning on instrument cluster. Only hazards, horn, and brake lights work.

Can you help me @Inwo? I got a Samsung sdi pack with a jk bms. Can only get the horn, hazards, and brake going. Instrument cluster powers but shuts off seconds later. All fuses good. Just thinking I may have a cable messed up.

Must be below 82v to boot up.
Did you get it through FB? I see you’re new here.

A Samsung battery install is removing 6 of the old batteries and installing one in their place. There are just two wires going to the car.

If your Cluster is not powering up then did something fall off down at the battery connections on the car? I think there are a few small wires down on the main relay.

There are three grounds and one positive. One of the grounds is wrapped in orange tape. Hopefully you didn’t but that on the positive post.

This looks great but do you have a larger picture showing the brake assembly area?