Intro and info - Ford Think Lithium upgrade

Think owner here. Had it for about 6 months now and have been on this site getting some great tips and ideas on some upgrades.

Of course after a little reading about lithium conversions I was thinking this sounded like a great option. The current batteries are Duracell 12v and we’re going fine but worried I damaged them by running out of power because they have lost a lot of punch over the past month. I am hoping I can revive / recondition them to get some more life but am also moving forward with the lithium conversion as soon as possible… hoping i can figure it out with some help from here.

The main goal is more range and also expecting better performance with less weight. 30 miles range would be ideal and I am in a hilly area with stop and go use. Any suggestions on battery size and places to find them would be great. Pretty sure I’m going with the lipo4 but open to other suggestions/thoughts on what’s the better option.

Reading about people upping the voltage that they run and curious if there are any issues to worry about with this and how much it improves performance.

Sure there are some more questions coming but let’s see how it goes.

25s lifepo4 are ideal for 72v cars. Go with 120ah or more for your 30m plus range. 60ah are the minimum for 25mph level ground.
I have a 22s Tesla3 that just became available. 18kwh 225ah should give 100 mile range.
Needs 40" of room for battery. An issue with e2 and e4 gems, and the reason it is available.

If you go with lifepo4, I recommend kiss.
Use shunt balance boards only. Manually check top balance on the first few charge cycles. The onboard leds let you monitor battery status easily.

Thanks for the post. Looking into the KISS suggestion and definitely wanted to have a BMS system. Do you know if anyone has installed the Tesla battery in a Ford think? 100 mile range sounds pretty nice.

Do you have any suggestions on what charger to use for the lifepo4 set up?

No, but a Think owner suggested enough room for a 40" long battery.
The 22s may be sold soon.
24s is same length, but pretty high voltage for average user.
I have enough Tesla modules to build one more custom battery, but would like to sell these two first.

Also have a 12s 44v for a 36v or 48v Gem or golf cart. 225ah also.

The Think has well over 40 inches of space under the front seat. You would probably have to take the center seat support out but it’s not needed, typical Ford, over engineered. I took mine out so the Chevy Volt batteries would fit. The square tube seat frame is more than strong enough. The outside seat brackets may need to be modified to get the 15 inches needed but I don’t see that being a problem.

I’m running 96 volts and I haven’t run into any problems running the higher voltage. You get a little more speed and faster takeoff with the higher voltage.

Curious what the cost would be on the 22 s set up. If you have a diagram also it would be helpful to see how it can fit it.

I don’t know what the Think battery compartment looks like.

On the Ford Think all six batteries are under the front seats in a rectangular formation.

2009-09-09_120838_Picture_6.png (677×399) (

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Just curious, are you running 96v with the Rev2 controller? Are you using a voltage spoof?

Sold, but I have a 24s Tesla 40" long.
Ready to go West tonight.


Yes 96 volts with a rev2 controller and a 15 volt spoof.

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I have a Think owner wanting a battery. Any way this can be made to fit?

He says no.

No there isn’t 12 inches of height. The seat frame sits just above the batteries limiting the height.

A sawzall, a couple angle brackets and a tub of bondo?


Dang, I got nothing that fits then. Can the tray be lowered easily?

The two outside batteries sit on top of the frame rails and the four center ones sit lower in-between the frame rails with narrow aluminum cross braces welded in supporting them.

Should fit between the cross braces maybe?

The center section (between the frame rails) where 4 of the 6 AGM eateries sit appears to be ~ 14" X 26.5" x 11.5" (depth or bottom of battery to top). If I use the entire width (between the frame rails and under the seats), the measurement is ~40.5" X 14" X 8.5" (deep / tall - lack of room under the bottom of the seat).

From the cross braces up to the seat frame is about 10" From the frame to the seat frame is about 7 3/4"

@David_Illingworth can you post pictures of your setup along with the battery specifications? Thanks