Thinking about a Think

Hello everyone,

New to the forum but have been reading for a while now. I have a line on what looks like a really clean think. The seller says the batteries are shot so I won’t be able to test any of the other components. The price is good enough that it’s still worth it even if I have to repower the whole cart.

I haven’t been able to drive one of these in my area. We live at the top of a rather steep hill (+500 feet in elevation) which would be traversed any time we left the house. How are these cars on the hills?

What is the consus regarding LA vs Gel vs Lithium ion/iron? If it is the latter, what are my options for drop in replacements?

Do I have to reprogram the controller with the lithuim replacements?

I’m sure this has been covered a bunch, I have seen it a few times but haven’t gotten the full answer I need as I’m very new to this world.

I apprecaite any help


Hey Inwo,

I’ve seen you reference this pack a few times in other posts. Do you have a website I can visit?

From what I read it’s basically a plug and play correct? Will it increase speed/range in hilly terrain?

Not sure what motor this cart has in it, I have t physically seen it yet.

Thanks again for the help.

I do not.
Yes, connect the rwo battery cables.
You can call Michael or Byron with questions. I’ll invite them here.

Thanks, appreciate it!