Drop in lithium

I have installed 6 12 volt lithium batteries in my Think with 2 3 lead Lithium chargers and it works great. I get about 28 miles out of a charge.

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Hey ace,
I know there aren’t instructions on this, but you should start a new thread/topic and show us what you put together. Include pics if you can as well as details on what you did and why.

Be prepared for the possibility of some critique tho-
This is not done in mean spirits, but more to point out pros/cons of your build so you can watch for issues or correct a few things to keep your car running as it should.
Or someone may see something in your design that others could use.

Method 1
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Method 2
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Encouraging to here a success story!
How many amp hours are the batteries you installed and where did you get them?

Imo, by the time you buy 6 “drop in” batteries and 3 chargers, might as well put in a 72v battery that can use the original charger.

Skip all the series connections and charger wiring.

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