Think LiFePo4 batteries

I just ordered a custom lithium pack from a company in China. I have sized it to fit in the central battery area. It is a sealed metal box with a BMS included. Should have it in about two months. Will keep you informed. The price delivered was less than a gel pack.

Hi Videoguy,
Do you have a link to what you ordered?
Or maybe the info page from your order?
I’m just curious what you are getting.

The order was all done by email.I did get an invoice and was able to pay thru Paypal. The hardest part was the language. They speak pretty good English but it took some time.
I ordered a custom sized self contained pack that should fit in the central section of the battery compartment. The pack includes an BMS and connections to my specs.I should lose about 350 lbs with this.
It will take about two months with the shipping being some 45 days door to door. I have several friends with Thinks so I will make sure mine works ok before any more are ordered. Here is the link to the company…

yes i dont know but im sure

My lifepo4 pack is on the way. Thinking about charger now. Question to anyone that knows: do you need to reprogram the charger if the BMS manages charging?

Videoguy - any updates on your setup?

It is supposed to be on a ship somewhere. No notification so far.

It is on a ship somewhere, no info other than that.

*I have a set of 3 24v L:ifeP04 batteries coming with balancers as well. May take a month.

Was price low enough to make it worth the wait? I know Chinese lfp batteries are cheap now.

$250 per 24v 200ah battery x3 and $16 for balancer/protectors, $90 shipping. Total $872.
These are not lithium ion. They are lithium iron (LifeP04). I’m going to test a set and see how reliable they are. All the reviews show them favorable over ion.

Crazy cheap if it is up to specs.

Sum tin wong. Do you have link to the seller.
Each 200ah battery weighs at least 70 lbs. So 210 lbs can be shipped from where for $90?
I just shipped 80 lb for $86.