Need some info on fork lift motors


I’m actually building a boat, not a car, but the concepts are the same. What I’m hoping to learn here is about the energy requirements and torque that I would be expecting from a fork lift motor.

what I would be trying to match would be a 60 hp (actually 2) boat motor. I’m told that props will spin around 4200 rpm. with the engine around 5k rpm. Iv read fork lift motors (commonly used for DIY EV’s) will spin around 3500 rpm and have a pretty heavy torque (couple hundred hp). I could run this directly into the prop, with no gearing. Itl be a little slower, but should have lots of torque.

Am I way off base here? What should I look for, would something else be better?

I’m hoping to run this off of solar with a couple leaf batteries in the boat. As well as running the electronics, fridge and what not.

Will a day of solar keep this thing going? How much input would I need from the panels?

thanks for the help.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Tons of info on the many electric boat forums, Google Electric boat forums.

thanks. i literally did not know that was a thing.