36vdc Motor Questions

Okay I have found a old Lektro Forklift that is for sale.
From my research I believe that it would have a 36vdc motor.
I’m wondering if this motor and controller would be worth salvaging from this forklift and use on a EV Motorcycle?

I’m just looking for a electric motorcycle that can get roughly 10-15miles per charge with a top speed of 45mph anything else would be icing.

I don’t have a donor bike yet but I was thinking that if this forklift motor and controller might work I would pick up this forklift and then sell the rest of the forklift as scrap metal.

I have done some research and found that some people were taking 36v motors from forklifts and putting power to them as if they were 48v motors and using them for smaller cars to be able to reach 35-40mph. Is this the case anybody have any experience with this.

Any information would be helpful.