Please evaluate my forklift motor - Advice needed

Hi All,

I have been doing some research on ev conversions and decided to start with a motorcycle first then work up to a car.

Will the experts out there please tell me any and everything about this forklift motor I just bought? It was just $80 so I grabbed it. Please see the attached pictures.

It is a Raymond 36V doubleshaft (one male and one female). It is 7" diameter and 12" long.

I would like to know these particular things and any others you would like to add:

-How many horsepower is it?

-Is it series wound, shunt wound, sep ex and how that affects my usage.

-Is it strong enough to power a small car conversion as is or with the brushes advanced?

-Can the brushes be advanced to up the voltage supply and how do you do that?

-Can it be fed more than 36V without advancing the brushes or will it burn them up?

Any help would be appreciated.