Testing Motor

I have the chance to buy 2 Toyota Forklifts. Model 5fbch25 --36 volt Direct current Motor Type HE-MRO Output 6.8/9.3 KW Meidensha Corp. I can buy these for $1000 each both were running 2 years ago when a circuit bord fried. The battery packs and chargers are gone. How can I test these motors to see if there still good? and is this a fair price? These arent perminent magnent morors or I would just hook jumpercables to them.

Ok so far I have pulled (correction dropped) the engine and trans out of the bottom of the eclipse.:slight_smile: I removed the engine from the trans. I have carefully cut the torque converter apart to make a drive sleve for the electric motor. I still want to see this forklift motor spin before I pay for it.

Do you have any thoughts on your battery configuration yet? 36 volts isn’t much and would require a ton of AMPs to get the speeds your talking about (if they can handle it). I think the price is high myself.

For the speeds you’re talking aout you get something like an ADC 8" #203-06-4001A, save some money and have better performance.