Need advise

I am a newbie but this stuff is facinating. I just acquired a 86 Ford Ranger as my donar car and I am currently pulling out all the ice stuff. My question is where is a good place to go to get the mounting plate and coupler needed for my electric motor. Is there a place that manufactures them or is it one of those things that I have to fabricate it myself. I am thinking of a 144 volt system with 24 6 volt batteries. Any advice would be appreciated.


hey there, well you can try different companies that sell conversion kits. sometimes they will have mounting plates for specific cars, and others they will get a universal one that you will have to modify. you can go that route or take your tranny and motor to a metal shop and have them fabricate one from scratch. check out and find other ranger owners…if you can contact them and find out how they got theirs then that might help you out alot too.

I looked and ended up stumbling into EVA and dropped them a line and this looks like a class act. They responded and came up with a complete system design and speced out the parts. Cool people. Has anybody dealt with these guys and if so were they happy?


Yes, I have done business with EVAmerica several times in the past, most recently the day before yesterday. Bob Batson is as helpful and knowledgeable as anyone I have found. I recommend him.