86 Ranger EV

Ok I started my project. Here is some pics of it. Got my work cut out lol. I am going with a 144v DC system. Advanced DC Motor FB1-4001A, 1231C-8601 Curtis Controller, Manual Transmission - Clutchless. Am gonna use 24 Trojan T105 6v. My expectations are to have a top speed of 55 and a range of 60 miles. We shall see…

Come on guys give me a little feedback here. Do you think this will work for my expectations. I realize a ranger is not the most modern aerodynamic rig out there but I am making a work truck LOL.


Not quite.

Looks like you’ll get a faster truck with a little less range than you are after.

If I get what these guys got I will be happy. My average commute will be 40 miles per day so it should work. I will be using 24 6volt batts so it should help a little. Thanks for looking!!

Got the motor out and am hopefully gonna be doing a grease and gunk party with it tomorrow. Here is some pictures of it at this point. What a mess LOL

Woo Hoo,

Had fun with pressure wash and some degreaser and even got to do some head scratching. Gonna take the transmission and bell housing to machine friend and have him drill and cut edges off of universal mounting plate. I will post again when thats done but for now here is some more pics.

I have received my adapter from EVA and have rough fit it to transmission with bell housing.

And now it is at local machinist to drill holes,cut outline about an inch oversize and to cut off pilot shaft on tranny spline. Should have it back by end of week. I will keep posting progress on this thread for those interested. Please feel free to comment or call me names lol anything.

Got the motor and transmission assembled and hope to install it back in the Rig this weekend all going smooth so far. Here is some more pics.

Thanks for the update and pictures.

I’m considering the same project / truck.

Keep up the good work!

Got the motor and transmission back in today. Now I can actually see the space for batteries in engine compartment.

I will be posting soon on the battery boxes. I have 24 6v’s to put in and I hope I can get at least 8 up front. We shall see.

Got the rough in on the battery boxes. The truck looks pretty level with all that weight. I am pleased. I will have to take this all apart to paint the metal but the rough in is going well. One question I have that maybe some of you guys could help me with. The batteries I have are all new and never been charged. It will be at least till end of June till I get the charger hooked up and on line. My question is how long can these batteries go without a charge before they get damaged? Should I charge them all at least an hour with my little 10 amp single battery charger or are they gonna be ok? I would sure appreciate some advise here. Here are some pics.


Hello… New to the EV world but I have been thinking of my own project simular to yours. I was thinking a Toyota or Ranger mini truck would be perf. Thanks for posting your progress and I will be following along and taking notes!

Looking good,

Don’t worry if people aren’t commenting, your getting plenty of lurkers judging by the counter. So far no one sees any major mistakes. :slight_smile:

About your question, is the acid already in the cells? if you bought them wet you need to keep them charged. They will self discharge at about 2-10% per week depending on temp humidity and other factors. If the electrolyte is in separate containers then you have about 10 months assuming the reseller you bought them from hasn’t had them more than a few months.

If they where bought dry, when the manufacture made them electrolyte was added and they where fully charged and each cell tested. Then the electrolyte was dumped out for shipping and they are referred to as dry charged. But there is still enough moisture in there for chemical reactions to take place and given enough time damage to the battery.

For my personal curiosity, will you keep the batteries in the truck bed, or eventually put them in racks between the frame rails?

Thanks for looking Polygonfla, I bought the batts wet and have had them three weeks so could be down a little. I dont have a small charger but it looks like I will be getting one soon. I am still waiting on the cable to make a pack out of them then I can use my pack charger.

As to your question… The batteries will stay in the bed. I built the box over them over the last weekend but need to paint it yet. I would prefer them under the bed and might be doing that in future. All of the fabrication is about done exept for the control board, which I’m working on now, and then I will be pulling it all apart to paint the new pieces and do some odds and ends welding.

Will the controller allow you to use the dc motor to brake and recharge your batteries?

It is a DC system so no regenerative breaking.

Looks really cool, could you explain what i’m looking at between the motor/trans? I see a clutch disc, what looked like a flywheel with pins and another round piece of metal.

From the Motor there is a round aluminum disk as a spacer to make the motor shaft coupler be the right length to the transmission shaft then there is the adapter plate then a round aluminum plate that the old pressure plate was taken apart and mounted to with the spline on one side for the transmission and the keyed coupler on the other to mount to the motor. This is a universal adapter for a clutchless system. The old pressure plate was used because it had the proper spline coupler for the stock transmission. It uses the springs on the old clutch disc to absorb some of the initial torque from the motor. The pins come out as that disc is independent of both the transmission and the motor. They were used to line everything up when cutting out the adapter plate for bell housing bolts and outside perimeter.

Did you make the adapter plate yourself? How thick is the aluminum plate that you used? What did you do for motor mounts?

It is looking good so far.

Your conversion looks great!!! I will be looking forward to see it compleated.