Ford ranger

hey all im new at this sight been looking for a while for online clubs that was in doing what i do.any way i got a late model ford ranger with a 4 speed trans. im going to convert it to electric i bought a convert it manual online
that shows step by step guides on doing it,but it dont show a ranger
anyway im thinking of putting a 144v kit on it with a 8" motor
that should get me around 100 mile range.the only thing is i want to put the batteries under the bed and build racks there for them,then make the bed raise up like a dump bed,then im looking at buying some solar panels from northern tools they r 15 watt and line them across the bed like a bed cover
so i will have to put alum. racks on top of bed to support them.
from front to back it will only take 12 to make 144 so i want to parallel
might get 3 sets that way
then the last set tie them in parallel to maintain 12v but will deliver amps quicker to the batteries when i do this it should keep my batteries healthy
and when it is setting still like at a store the batteries are recharging.
only thing is i wonder if the frame will be able to hold the weight of the batteries . that way i can keep the front open to access the controllers and motor easier. and keep the truck more balanced.

Well great, did you ever make any progress and/or have you found a motor, controller and batteries…:rolleyes: