Testing the waters- DIY electric Ranger

Let me start off by saying Hello.

I’m just starting off spitballing the idea of building an EV and am running head long into the realities of how ignorant I am of the basics. I would like to spend the winter gathering data and plotting before I go ahead and have half a truck on my lawn.

After reading some articles (specifically that guy who converted his geo) it seems simplistic enough but I really do not understand electrical systems very well at all, so it leads me to ask some basic questions to you folks.

What I’m looking to accomplish:

Convert an older Ford Ranger into an electric vehicle with the following criteria met:

-40km ideal range (My drive to work is approximately 15km, 15km home, Tims run in between)

-All driving is town driving at approximately 50km/h

-There is just one passenger, me…and groceries.

-Must have a heat system of some sort (Windsor is not known for its cold usually but we do see -20+/- at some points)

-Must charge from a non-specialized system

-Cost is a large, unmitigatable factor. Budget sits at 2K over the course of the project without taking into account the vehicle

My questions:

Broadly, is this a viable expectation? Am I shooting too high to be applicable within my low budget?

Before I start investing alot of time into the idea I’d love to have some one who is more seasoned let me know if its doomed right off the break.

I’d start by shopping around online. There are some kits and individual parts you can get at a low cost. [EV Tradin’ post] - For Sale: EV Parts It’d have to be a DC system, AC costs about $5k for a new controller.
will have low cost EV parts, also ebay has some, the biggest expenses will be the motor, controller, charger, and batteries. All of the other parts really add up as well, 2-2/0 copper cable is expensive.

Does it have to be a Ford Ranger? They used to be a popular conversion because they could support over 1000 lbs of lead-acid batteries easily. I’d decide if you want to do lead acid or a lithium battery. I’ve done both, and there is no comparison, lead acid is heavy, limited, and not that much cheaper than lithium. LiFePO4 100ah cells can be had for less than $1/ah.

Take a look online, and we’ll go from there.