Miles Electric LSV vehicles

Has anybody owned or still owns one of these Vans or trucks?

I have a zx40-ad truck. It’s the high speed a.c. motor version. 35mph stock.
Lots of power. Rides nice as it’s a real import truck.
It’s for sale, but I will be using it more now that I sold my gem el.

Dave, so the 2008 van is also 35mph stock?
I’m still interested in seeing the van to see if it’s worth the investment. It may have air conditioning too.

Every other one I’ve seen is 25mph. I believe only the ad models are a.c. motors.
They have a.c. and power brakes. At least mine does.
Nice thing about the truck is a Tesla3 battery will fit in the back.

If you want a Mileszx40 expect to modify and do some rewiring

They aren’t complex but require a Tinkering attitude.

My fathers 05 Miles zx40 can hit 46mph with stock gearing 48v and field reduction

A Daihatsu Charade transmission is a drop in replacement for the van giving you a 5 speed option.

The AC cars (2009) can be tuned and may have AIR CONDITIONING (optional)

Older cars are best left alone.

I would honestly like to drop the motor and transmission from a 2001 Honda Insight in the one I inherited, funny part is the transmission clutch and spline are the same on both the miles and Insight, gotta wonder if the rest would fit up to the wheelends giving me a much more useable car.

How about the truck?
I’m looking for a 5 speed.

No such luck,

The truck is an uncommon Malaysian export called a Hifei Minyi

I never could find any info on it

I would talk to the op here about what he did adding/hacking an S10 XMSN

Your best bet is finding someone to recode your Curtis AC controller and live with the 40-45mph top end. (That’s the easiest)

If money is no issue buy a $500 Nissan Leaf Motor/controller stack from a wrecker, get 144v. + of batteries, build an adapter plate or check out diyelectriccar (or here)
https:// endless-sphere. com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=97189

Then tune her up and spin 12,000RPMs for Highway speeds with stock gearing

Good Luck, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding anyone who has done a motor swap on the extremely common van zx40 let alone the much rarer truck.

Sorry I can post the links that will help you, the site leader that hasn’t visited in a year has to approve my post, I also can’t send the endless sphere build project in a private message


I can get the speed I need. It came from factory 35mph. Big a.c. motor.
I just want to try a transmission. No luck except direct from China.
If I was serious about performance, I would swap to a sevcon gen4 and turn the motor 9,000rpm.

You need to unmount the motor from the gearbox and do a spline check,

If it’s a common size and count like the Daihatsu van you can use one of the grassroots or endless sphere sites to identify XMSNs or clutches that already fit what you have.

If it’s a socketed job you will either need a custom love joy or use an antique T-case to do your gearing.

Sorry I can’t help more, at one time hillside rancher on the yahoo Miles zx40 forum could sell service manuals, since that is gone your stuck with manual inspection.