Miles EV

Has any one had any experience with these cars yet? I was able to take one for a test drive and it was pretty amazing. We are looking at purchasing one but the banks are hesitant, to heck with hesitant thet would give me the money till they found out it was an all electric car, pretty dissapointing just wanted to see if any one else ran into this issue


this is their web site

[QUOTE=arb;3196]Try calling GEM - it is in the same space as Miles, but was bought by DaimlerChrysler -…[/QUOTE]

Not if he was wanting the sedan model.

thanks for the advice I will look into them

I am not getting the sedan version

Range? Top speed? weight? Trans? Motor? Battery pack? 0-60 advertised time? ;)Curious Ray

Hi: I own the Miles ZX40S. This car is based on the Daihatsu Move which sold over 1 million IC worldwise. Front wheel drive. Meets EU safety standards. Four door, four passengers, rear seat folds easily for lots of cargo space. This car was featured on the recent PBS EV news hour.

The ZX40 is 48VDC, ZX40S is 72VDC. The differential is 8.3, which has neck snapping accelleration, but limited to 25mph top speed. The ZX40S will hit 28mph or so, but that is NOT legal. They are ‘tricked’ to run 37mph, super NOT legal.

I suppose everyone is aware that any modified car, especially with lead-acid batteries, is NOT legal. Insurance could be cancelled, registration could be revoked.

My favorite is the Miles OR-70 discontinued model. It is a ZX40S with a 3.2 differential. Much reduced motor spin. Accelleration is soft, about that of a small 4 cyclinder car. Top speed is 41mph. Can be ‘tricked’ to do 53mph. The OR-70 is called an ‘Off-Road’ because it can NOT be registered in any US state. perhaps Canada? To drive it on the road is NOT legal. Often it can NOT be insured. The perfect car for identity theft, which has a long jail term. Always play by the rules, do it legal and keep the assholes in charge with their feet on our necks.

Range is claimed to be 60 miles with fresh batteries, full charge. Perhaps with one start to 25mph, continuous driving at 25mph, you will get that. Normal driving with several stops and starts is much less.

Check eBay. You will be astonished at the prices. You cannot build a car for these prices. I looked into modifing a 2dr Metro and another time started on a 2dr Tracker. The Miles cars are new or very low miles and will hold their value, perhaps appreciate in value.

Good luck. I wish I helped you. I do not work for Miles in any way; I get a toaster for each referral, however.

I had no trouble registering either my Mitsubishi pickup or my Porsche 924 and I explained very clearly to the BMV what they were. The insurance was a different story. After a couple of months Pekin cancelled me, State Farm refused and Farm Bureau refused. I am currently insured with AAA and they have been told exactly what I have.

Wow, 120 mph max speed and 80 miles per charge for the sedan? 100,000 lifetime miles out of the battery pack? I’d pay 40g’s for that, if I had the money. That’s the kind of full-electric car that would get people interested. The style of the car makes it look like a regular nice looking business class car.