NEW Miles ZX40S For Sale By Owner

Brand New (only 100 miles!) MILES Electric Car available for sale by owner. This 100% electric vehicle was won in a fundraiser drawing and we don’t need the extra vehicle.

It is a MILES ZX40S (2007) with a sticker price of $17,985.00. We are selling it for $13,900 OBO. (It’s got to go, so feel free to make an offer!)

Silver exterior
Taupe interior
Excellent/New Condition
Seats 4 comfortably
Zero emissions
Easily Re-charged overnight or in as little as 4 hours
Up to 50 miles/charge
Perfect for an “around town” car (not freeway legal)
More information here: MILES ZX40, ZX40S & ZX40S Advanced Design, Miles Electric Vehicles

List of features includes:

17 Foot Charger Power Cord
Full Size Spare Tire & Jack
Carpeted Rear Cargo w/Cargo Net
Front & Rear Window Defrosters
Front & Rear Windshield Wipers
High Intensity Lights
Front Fog Headlights
Child-Proof Locks
AM/FM/CD Player
Power Side Mirrors
Owners Manual & Warrantee
…and More! (See pictures)

Please contact me (Ryan) as soon as possible. I’m in the Los Angeles area.

[QUOTE=jadesummer9;7524]The car looks good. How long it stay with you? I have a friend who is interested to buy either electric or hybrid car. He was not decided yet. If ever he is interested i will refer you. $13,900 is that your last price?


The car has been in our possession for a month or two. We’ve been trying to sell it ever since. It’s only been driven about 4 or 5 times. Please do refer me to your friend. We’d like to get $13,900 but are very willing to hear other offers.

Thank you!

[QUOTE=jadesummer9;7542]I will ryan. as soon as my friend told me so. He is on a vacation right now but if he is interested i will inform you ok. Have a nice day a ahead.[/QUOTE]

Thank you, Kia. Please communicate with your friend soon, as I have another interested person who is looking into making an offer on the vehicle. If your friend would like to make an offer, I would suggest doing so very soon.

Thanks again,